Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to John Thornton, 1773 February 22

Author Wheelock, Eleazar

Date22 February, 1773

ms number773172.1

abstractWheelock informs Thornton of Occom's activities, including that Occom has had a sermon, preached at the execution of an Indian, printed. He also notes that he has drawn more money on Thornton, and mentions his petitions to the King for more land.

handwritingAside from the trailer, the letter is not in Wheelock's hand; the informal handwriting appears to be that of Solomon Williams.

paperSingle sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.


noteworthyThis document is almost certainly a copy. When Wheelock refers to "this school," he is likely referring, for the benefit of Thornton, to Moor's Indian Charity School and not Dartmouth College.

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Hond ſir.
I need not deſire you to uſe the encloſed from M.r Deming for the furtherance of the Redeemers Cauſe on the Islands if you have an opportunity for it.
M.r Occom I hear behaves to good & great Acceptance of among good people — (his Litters to me are in quite another strain & of Another savor than heretofore) — he has lately printed a Sermon preached to a very numerous Audience at the Execution of an Indian. One of which I would ſend you if I could — perhaps he or Some other Friend may have Served you with one of them.
I think my Affairs here are under the Smiles of Heaven and they will be So if we keep up a good account with God.
I have had occaſion of drawing on you for more money than I was aware beforehand I should have occaſion for but have drawn for no more than has been abſolutely neceſsary for providing stores for Food, aparel, Lodging, ^instructors^ &c &c for Miſsioners, & students Engliſh & Indian. HEncloſed is y.e acco.t of the Bills I have drawn since [illegible]Oct.r laſt — (I have herewith Tranſmitted M.r Maccluers long Letters to the Honle Truſt, which y.o will doubtleſs see.)
I have also pr[illegible][guess: o]ferred Sent Some weeks ago [illegible]two Petitions to his Majeſty through the Hands of Lord Dartmouth for two Tracts of Land in the Province of New York, free of quit Rent containing 25,000 acres each the one for the use of this school the other to be apply’d fore the incouragement of Miſs[illegible][guess: rs] & Support of their widows & Education of their Children &c
And I wiſh my Hond Sir you could be inſtrumental to get All the Lands given to this School and the officers of it diſcharged from the Burden of Quit Rent, and from the obligatn com̅on to other Lands to Settle them within such a Term on penalty of
of Forfiture —
I am with much Duty and Affection Your Moſt Obed.t & very Humle Serv.t [illegible] Eleaz.r Wheelock
To John Thornton Esqr Feby 22. 1773.