Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to John Thornton, 1772 July 25

Author Wheelock, Eleazar

Date25 July, 1772

ms number772425.2

abstractWheelock writes that he has drawn on Thornton for 50 pounds to discharge Occom’s debts in the hopes that Occom will go on a mission. He relates other news regarding Occom and Mr. Jewett, and notes that building is complete on the mills and a large barn.

handwritingInformal handwriting is small and crowded, but mostly legible.

paperTwo single sheets are in good condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear. The outside edges of one and two recto appear to have been trimmed, and it is possible that the two separate sheets were once part of a larger sheet folded in half to make four pages.


noteworthyWhen Wheelock refers to the "Boston Board," he is referring to either the Boston Board of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, or the The Company for Propagation of the Gospel in New England and the parts adjacent in America. This document is likely a draft; in the trailer on two verso, Wheelock notes that the letter was not sent.

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very dear & Hond ſir.
I inform'd You in my late Letters of my Propoſal to M.r Occom to accept a Miſsion with Meſsrs Brainerd, Maccluer, & Friſbie, to Muſkingham, and that I had ordered the Latter to viſit M.r Occom in their way and diſcourſe him on the Head. Two days ago I rec.d a Lettr from M.r Maccluer dated at Mohegan June 30. and another from M.r Occom of July 3.d — by the former I underſtand M.r Occom has much retrieved his Character, & recoverd the charity of good people — M.r Maccluer much deſires he may be incouraged in this Miſsion, & thinks the Cauſe may be much Served by it— M.r Occom Shews no averſion to take the Journey, with Jacob Fowler his Brother in Law who was educated in this School, and is an accompliſh'd Youth; now keeping School at the Sea Side, in the pay of the Boſton Board, & whom Mr Occom [illegible]thinks was [illegible]savingly converted laſt Winter, and is very warm in Religion, & thinks will become a Preacher Soon, but he ^M.r Occom^ will not goe on this Miſsion, 'till his Debts, which Mr Macclu[illegible]re says are ₤50 or 60 are diſcharged, ([illegible] [illegible])
I am of Opinion that as things are it is beſt that he be incouraged, and hope the cauſe of the Redeemer may be Served by it. —
I have informd You of the Difficulty of my doing it while his own or Neighbouring Tribes ^who^ are all under the Care of the Boſton Board, are his only Object — it will not fail to give Offence, and they will have a better color for reproach‐ ‐ing my Conduct, and Me as a buiſsy Body in their matters, than I think I have yet given them — Tho' the Rev.d M.r Jewet who has the paſtoral Charge of that Tribe by the Appointment of that Board, has been much Offended at my favouring M.r Occoms ^[below]mi^
 Miniſtrations among them So far as I have done. If M.r Occom will make other Tribes his Object my way in that Reſpect will be clear — I have fully told M.r Occom of this, & yet he Seems to think hard of me that he is not Supported by the Money which he was So inſtrumental to collect.
In Order therefore to prepare M.r Occom's way for this propoſed Miſsion, I have drawn on You ſir, according to your generous Direction in Several Letters for ₤50. ſterlg in Fav.r of M.r Occom — I Suppoſe he will likely Sell the Bill to M.r Nathl Backus, by whom I believe he will be as honeſtly & generously treated, as by any man at all —
M.r Occom also informs me that Joseph ^Johnſon^ whom I educated at great Expence, (& Who has Since coſt me much Sorrow) and is a youth of pregnant parts and well accompliſhed, was hopefully made a new man laſt winter — if this be So he is my [illegible].
M.r Ripley Sat out 17th Inſtt on his Tour to Canada with Mr Taylor his Companion — Yesterday I recd a Lettr from dear M.r Auſtin dated Albany July 1[illegible][guess: 1], I Suppose on his way from Montreal to Connecticut, by which I conclude m.r Ripley will fail of the Benefit of his Aſsiſtance
He Says the popiſh prieſts will do all they can in Oppoſition to my purpoſe — Yet thinks there is Some Incouragement.
I hant Time to write my Hond Patrons, I truſt you will, if you think any thing worthy of it in the Several things I have hinted from Time to time, communicate them as you have opportuty.
I have finiſhd the Mills, of which I wrote yo, to my mind, & have a proſpect they will well anſwer my Expectation — and almoſt finiſhed a Barn of 55 feet long & 40 wide
The crop upon the ground looks well — & Nothing that I ſee in the whole affair Diſcouraging. My Hope is in God Alone.
I wrote yo of the concert for Prayer agreed upon with y.e Miſsionaries on Saturday & Sabath Evenings between the Hours of 6. & [illegible][illegible][guess: 7] O'Clock, for the Succeſs of their Miſsions; at which Time I doubt not we ſhall meet you and others who ^[below]long^
long for the Advancement of the Redeemers Kingdom, at the Throne of divine Grace, upon that occaſion. in which pleaſe remember.
Much Hond Sir.  Yours in the Deareſt Bonds, &c Eleazar Wheelock
^[below]John Thornton Esqr.^
To Jno Thornton Esqr  Not Sent  1772