Samson Occom, letter to Eleazer Wheelock, 1770 March 6

Author Occom, Samson

Date6 March, 1770

ms number770206.2

abstractOccom relates the visit of an English gentleman, who told him that the Indians at Oneida are disaffected towards Mr. Kirtland and are not all attending his ministry. He says he would visit Wheelock but he has no horse.

handwritingOccom's handwriting is informal yet clear and legible.

paperSingle sheet has been reinforced with a paper overlay that makes it difficult to gauge the condition of the paper; it appears to be in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.

inkBrown ink is slightly dimmed by paper overlay.

noteworthyAn editor, likely 19th-century, has added the note “Mohegan” to the trailer on one verso. Another unknown editor has added the note “Occom” in pencil. Neither of these notes have been included in the transcription.

signatureThe signature is abbreviated.

Persistent Identifier
Revd Sir
I receiv'd your kind favor laſt Sabbath by John, at Groton Indian Town, [illegible]had about 3 Minute Converſation with him, he told me nothing of the afair you Hinted at,— I have wrote nothing of the Contents of Yours to Esqr Thornton — have Sent ^to^ to ^it^ Boſton; Some Tome ago — an Engliſh Gentleman Call'd on me laſt week and Lodg'd with us one Night and Stay'd moſt one Day, he is Juſt from Sir Williams, and ^was^ at onoyda this Winter paſt, he tells me, the Indian^s^ there, are diſafected towards Mr Kirtland, more than one half at Cannowaurohary don't attend his miniſtry — The Gentleman, I believe is a grand Man, he has a Coach of 6 at New York and 2 or 3 Servants there, and 2 are with him, he is very Inquiſitive about the Indians, and what treat ment they Meet with from the white People,— I have no [illegible]Horſe to Ride, or I woud Soon Come up to See you,— wie are well thro' Divine Favour I am Moſt Kind Sir
your moſt obliged Hum[gap: worn_edge][guess: le] Servant S: Occom
PS The gentlen I mentiond has been in this Country near 2 years and been traviling Continually, and has viſited all the Indians he Coud Come at
From Revnd S. Occom March 6th 1770
To  The Revd Dr Wheelock