Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to John Thornton, 1770 January 8

Author Wheelock, Eleazar

Date8 January, 1770

ms number770108.1

abstractWheelock writes to deny reports of his having neglected Kirtland. He mentions Thornton's kindness to Occom and the fact that John Wheatley has been drawn upon for 40 pounds towards Occom's support.

handwritingInformal handwriting is small, crowded and occasionally difficult to decipher. Letter case is occasionally difficult to discern, particularly with regard to the letters W and S.

paperSingle sheet is in good-to-fair condition, with light-to-moderate staining and creasing. Wear at the edges results in a minor loss of text.


noteworthyThis document is likely a draft.

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My dear & Hon.d ſir.
I thankfully acknowledge your kind Fav.r of Aug.t 26. 1769. And I bleſs God on Your Behalf, who has given you ability and largneſs of Heart to releive the Needy, and eſpecially that he has made you Studious to diſpose your Charity So that the Kingdom of the Redeemer May be advanced thereby
The Expreſsions of Your Kindneſs towards Mr. Occom, were pe‐‐cutiarly wellcome & refreſhing to him, as they were at a Time When his Circumſtances calld for help. He preaches Steadily to his own and to Neighbouring Tribes, but they are all under the care and Patronage of the Boſton Com̅iſsrs, Who Suppose they have otherwiſe provided for them, and therefore M.r Occom has no penſion, nor any thing publickly allowed him for his Labour among them, nor can I do any thing publickly for his Support in his preſent Service with out giving offence, and exposing Myſelf to thbe cenſured as a Meddler in that which belongs to others.
I have wrote M.r Wheatly of Boſton, (who, M.r Occom informs me, deals with you, and by whom he Supposed he might moſt naturally receive your Beneficence) deſiring him to pay M.r Occom £40. Sterling & draw for it on you. I Suppose M.r Occom has wrote yo fully of the Affair.
As to M.r Kirtland's Supply in every thing within my Power, he has never been neglected one Day, when his Neceſsities have been known to me, & I have generally exceeded what he has deſired, & have ^never gave below.^ And Since the Collections in England I have always told him there was enough, and it was only for him to let me know what he wanted and it was at his Service. nor am I conſcious that I have ever wanted the Heart or Hand of a Father towds him in one Inſtance ſince I firſt took him under my Patronage, and eſpecially since his firſt going into the wilderneſs. However I have had a Scene of Trials of late of ſuch a Nature & So greivous as I never expected from that Quarter, & which I hope I Shall never have occaſion fully to diſcloſe to you. I ſuppoſe they have originated in part from, & been greatly incouraged by a Sect of people in these parts Who are commonly known by the Name of Separets and eſpecially by Saveral in Connection with them, who, it is ſaid, are deſirous of being Preachers, and of being Introduced as Miſsionaries Among the Indians
[left]To Jn.o Thornton Esq.r  Jany 8. 1770.
It has been reported far round y.t M.r Kirtland has been treated with Neglect &c—that he deſigns to leave me & break off his Connection with my School and put himſelf under the Boſton Com̅iſsrs —that my School is coming down—and these Reports though they have no credit near home have gaind credit with many Gentlemen of worth at a Diſtance—but it has perſpired from ſome of that party that M.r K–ds 's Character & influence is So great with the Hon.le Truſt in England that he has power to undermine me, and turn the Channe[gap: worn_edge][guess: l] of those Collections in their Hands as he pleaſes &c how far M.r K–d has been knowg to these Reports, or w.t he has done to diſcount[illegible][guess: em] ^&^ diſcrede^t^ them I cant Say. before he wrote begging Letters without any Knowle[gap: worn_edge][guess: dge] which were read in Several of the moſt reſpectible Congregations ^in New Hamſhire^ at above a hundred miles Diſtance from me, and ^where^ collections wer[gap: worn_edge][guess: e] publicly made for the Supply of his neceſsities. When he had the fulleſt aſsurance that I could give him that there was money enough for him if he would only let it be known that he ſtood in need, and also y.t my Heart and the Hearts of the Honle Truſt were always open to Supply him. I have reproved this Conduct as carrying in it an unreaſonable reflection ^on me &. y.e Trust^, as well as exposing himſelf and the cauſe to the Reproaches of the Enemy ^it being about y.e Time in w.c large diſburſemts had been publicly made for his uſe^ &c but whether this was more than an Inadvertency, and whether there has been a clanning for a Revolution, I am not fully able to Say. however there have been Several things that have been unintilligible if there be no deſign forming which is yet [illegible]induſtriouſly [illegible][guess: be] conceald. I Should not have hinted these things to you (which are not yet known by a Soul in my Pariſh further than they have the Reports from abroad) had not your repeating thes Important Caution to take Care for his Support, raiſed a Strong Suſpicion in my mind that Something of the kind has been tranſmitted.— ^yo may expoſe w.t I here write if you think beſt to my Hon.d ^ Patrons, but I have confidence in y.o & in y.m y.t y.re will be ^[below]no ill improvemt made of it—^  I am ſenſible the powers of Darkneſs are combind againſt the progreſs of the great Deſign before us, but I have found it is not in vain to hope & truſt in the Lord. I have obtaind an ample incorporatn for my School & am now waiting for the Return of Col.o Phelps my Agent to take the Deeds & Secure the Donations made in from New hamſhire whom I have imployed to take the Deeds & Secure the Donations made [illegible]to the School in that Province, and than I Shall endeavour to write my Hond Patrons fully of the gracious dealings of Heaven, & I truſt they [illegible][guess: will] I Shall offer that which will excite them to joyn in praiſes to God who has not forſaken this Cauſe, but is more and more abundant in his mercys towards it. I am my Hond Friend with high Eſteem & Reſpect.
Your Obed.t & very Humble Serv.t Eleazar Wheelock