David Crosby, letter to Eleazar Wheelock, 1769 August 19

Author Crosby, David

Date19 August, 1769

ms number769469

abstractCrosby writes to introduce his brother William, who wishes to enter the school.

handwritingHandwriting is formal and clear, yet letter case is frequently difficult to decipher, especially with regard to the letter S.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light-to-moderate creasing, staining and wear.


noteworthyIn instances where there is some question as to whether a word is spelled with an “e” or an undotted “i,” an “e” has been used. The right edge of two recto shows on the scan of one recto. It is possible that when Crosby refers to his father, he is in fact referring to his father-in-law (Crosby's wife's maiden name was Thomas).

signatureLetter is signed David Crosbey, as opposed to the verified spelling, Crosby.

layoutThe first page of letter is on one recto, but second page of letter is on two recto, not one verso.

Persistent Identifier
Reverend & honourd Docter
After due ^reſpects^ to you, & yours in their ſeveral Charracters, I beg leave to inform you that I had wrote you a Line about three weeks ago, in which I gave you to underſtand that my little Brother William had com a long Jorney to ſee me, & alſo hinted his views & motives herin. [illegible] viz the Hopes he had entertain'd (after reading yr Naritive of ye Foundation, Riſe, & deſign of ye Indiancharity School at Lebanon) of yr taking him under yr Patronage I gave you further to underſtand that I porpoſed to bring or ſend him to ſoon to ſolicit yr Friendſhip for him. unleſs I ſhould ſoon recive firſt recive a Line from you adviſine otherwiſe. A faivourable A faverable oppertunity of ſending him (with my wif[illegible]es Brother Joel & ſiſter Sibbel who are on a Viſsit ^here^) does now preſent. and not having heard from you ſince I wrote, I have ventiered to ſend him to you and [illegible]join with him in requeſting yr Friendſhip & Favour for him. If you ſhould pleaſe to queſtion the Child he will you will doubt leſs ſoon be sattiſfied o in his Ardant deſires after knolege & of his exerceſing his little Tallants for [illegible][guess: god] god's glory & the good of Manking. I ^am^ ſattiſified the Child is better able to give you a ſattiſ­ fying acount of his circomſtances & deſires than [illegible]I am, and think beſt there to leave ye Event. Only I would add thus much, & I believe the ſimplicity, openneſs & freeneſs of the Childs Diſpoſition will render him Incapable of Impoſing upon you in any wiſe or of puting any falſe gloſs on his own Charracter or Circomſtances. If it If it ſhould be yr pleſure to keep the Child a Day or [illegible] two. in order to ſattſfy yourſelf whether or no he can fill a Place in yr School with any tolerable proſpect of its further^ing^ the good deſigne of it. I am content he ſhould ſtay 'till you know what is beſt, Otherwiſe you may ſend him to my Father Tommas who will ſend him hom to me ſo ſoon as conveniant. Or if you ſhould be like to talk with me on the Primeſes you may write a Line or let Billy write & I will endevour to wait on you
Blank page.
and if it ſhould be thought Neceſary for me to go to Hardwick (where my Mother lives, and where the Child's aquaentance are) to do any Buiſneſs that may ſubſerve the porpoſe I will go
 I am obliged to brake off here and only beg leve ^only to^ ſubſcribe myself. [illegible] Rev'd ſir yours in all Reſpects  David Croſbey Eaſt Hartford Aug 19. AD. 1769
M.r David Crosbey's Aug.t 19.th 1769
To the Rev,d Eleazer Whelock DD at Lebanon Crank