Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to William McCullock, 1769 June 9

Author Wheelock, Eleazar

Date9 June, 1769

ms number769359

abstractWheelock expresses his gratitude for a gift of books, and relates the progress of various missionary enterprises in the face of drunkeness and outside influences.

handwritingHandwriting is, for Wheelock, exceedingly formal and clear.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear. Some preservation work has been done on the central vertical crease.

inkBrown ink is somewhat faded.

noteworthyAs is marked on one recto, this document is a copy.

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Rev,d & dear ſir,
When I receiv.d a Letter, a few Days ago of 14th ulto, from my dear M,r C. Jeffry Smith, in‐‐forming me of your juſt complaint for not haveing received my Receipt of the Books sent to my School through his Hands, I was indeed aſhamed & affected with such a Neglect of mine, & can only plead, what I am obliged often to plead, as excuſe for Neglect, and that too, in caſes of Importance, viz My Want of Time for it, 'till it had slip'd my Mind — The Books came safe, and a choice Present I eſteem them — I have to the beſt of my Ability diſpoſed of a Number of them, among the Indians of Several Tribes, & to such as I judged your Charity would point out — The reſt are waiting for such Occaſions, & they shall, you may depend upon it, my dear Sir, by God's help, be faithfully diſposed of according to my Diſcretion, for the pious Purposes for which you deſigned them. And God grant you may meet Numbers of thoſe poor Savages, on the bliſsful Shore, by whom you may hear the Mention of your Charity, as the Means under God of preparing them for, & bringing them there  In addition to my ordinary Work in the Miniſtry, The care of my School, preparing, planning for, supplying & sending Miſsionaries, & School Maſters, into the Wilderneſs, diſposing, & directing their reſpective Services &c God has of his abundant Grace been pleaſed to grant another special & sweet Season of the Outpouring of a Spirit of Conviction, & Converſion upon my people.  It began laſt October in a Small Neighbourhood, firſt occasioned by the Death of a pious Youth ^[below]Rev,d Mr M,cCullock^ ^[left](Copy)^
who was hopefully converted in a like Seaſon of God's, about [illegible]5 years ago; while he was a Member of my School this Concern soon spread thro' the Pariſh; but has been allmoſt wholly confin'd to the youths. Their Terrors in general have been nothing like so great, as they have been in several former Seasons of Awakning; & particularly that about 27 Years ago: yet appeard genuine; & I truſt in many Inſtances effectual, and the Fruits exceeding good. And by the Mercy of God, the whole has been con‐­ducted with such Decency & Diſcretion, that even the Accuſer of the Brethren has not been able, that I have ever heard of, to find so much as a plauſible objection againſt, either the [illegible][guess: [whole]]work itſelf, or the Subjects, or In‐‐ſtruments of it — There seems at preſent to be an Abate‐‐ment of it, but peace & oneſs of Heart is yet to a happy Degree our Character. God grant we may not, as we have heretofore repeatedly done, under such a Mercy, neglect our Watch, & indulge to Sleepineſs, & Security. There are about 50. in this Seaſon, who, in a Judgment of rational Charity, are become Subjects of a Saving Work of God's Grace. About the same Number were hopefully added to the Lord in the aforeſaidmentioned Season about 5 years ago: there is of late a Begining of it in Several Neigh‐‐bouring Pariſhes — and it is at preſent very great in a Town call'd Canaan in the northweſt Corner of this Colony, under the Ministry of the Revd Mr Farrand, about 70 or 80 Miles from me,. there is alſo conſiderable appearance of it in Middletown, about 40 miles from me, but the Progreſs of it there, it is to be feared, will be ob‐ ſtructed, & many perverted by wild & enthusiaſtical people called Separates in thoſe parts.  The Work of God among the Indians at Onoida has been indeed Wonderful. The Town called Kanawarohare
under Mr Kirtland, are become a people near to God, a Chh. has been lately gathered there, the Number firſt imbodied was 17, & about 8 or 10, more were eſteemed qualified, who were by the Providence of God prevented joining with them at that Time, but expected to have the opportunity very soon — of this Number were many, if not moſt of their wiſe men (as they call their Councellors)  In this affair there has been from firſt 'till now, great opposition from Earth & Hell— Frequent Reflections between the Tribes themſelves — & between them & the Engliſh — The bad con‐duct of Traders & unrighteous Dealers with them, — Several large, & long congreſses in which they have sold large Tracts of their Lands to the Engliſh; & after that been rendered uncapable of doing or getting Good, so long as their Money laſted &c they able to buy Rum at any rate — By this Means several of their Tribes are much diminiſh‐ed — Some periſhing in their Drunkeneſs — frequent Murders committed among them — their Children periſhing thro' Neglect — & their Tribes in a continual Ferment for Months together, as tho' Hell had broke looſe. —  But after all My Hope is in God, who has ma‐ nifeſted the Riches of his Grace towards ye Onoidas, that we shall yet see Numbers of the poor tau‐‐ney Wretches flocking to Chriſt; & that the Grace of God towards theſe, who were but a little while ago like their Brethren; will prove but an
an Earneſt, & firſt Fruit, of a Glorious Harveſt to X, through the Wilds of America  I doubt not your fervent Prayers & the united Cries of thouſands in Scotland, are daily aſsending to the God of all Grace for the Succeſs of every attempt agreable to his Word & Will, in this great Affair — Pleaſe, my dear ſir, when you are neareſt, & warmeſt at the Throne of Grace, to remember in particular, him who, though now unknown, hopes soon to reſt with you, where the wicked shall ceaſe from troubling, & where Savage Brutiſhenſs, & indian Ingratitude shall vex no more.  pleaſe to accept my tender of much brotherly Affecti‐on to you — & permit me to subſcribe myſelf
Rev,d & dear Sir,  Your much obliged Friend  and very Humble Serv,t Eleazar Wheelock
^[right]To Rev,d Mr McCullock^ ^[right]Scotland^ ^[right]June 9th 1769.^