Nathaniel Whitaker, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1769 April 11

Author Whitaker, Nathaniel

Date11 April, 1769

ms number769261

abstractWhitaker writes that he is ready to license Mr. Huntington for a mission among the Indians. He also refers to business among other ministers.

handwritingWhitaker's hand is formal and clear, though letter case is occasionally difficult to discern, especially with regard to the letter S.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light staining and wear. The paper has been folded many times, yet the creasing is not particularly heavy.


signatureThe signature is abbreviated.

noteworthyIn the second-to-last line of one recto, the phrase "Woe is me that I live in Meshek" references Psalm 120:5.

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Revd & Dear Brother
Mr Huntington has been wth me & I have examined him, & tho' his experiences does not appear to me to be so clear as I could deſire, yet as he seems deſirous to devote his heart & life to god, & is willing to enter on so difficult a work, as that of a Miſsion among the Savage Indians, & as he has a competant degree of knowledge in devinity wch may en‐able him to inſtruct thoſe poor Savages to good pur‐poſe, & appears Sound in the great & fundamental points; I feel a freedom to approbate him.
If you & mr Pomroy shall judge so too, & will draw & sign a licence, I shall readily do it sign it
This Day the Revd Meſſ.rs Lord, Wight & Elles are to be here at 2. o' Clk in order to perſue the advice of council, & endeavour a reconciliation. —
But wt am I to hope for? I sent letters to them this morning, & four of them were sent back unanſ un‐opened —
Mr Elles has got the deed executed — but as the town clerk lives 10 miles from him he could not git it recorded; but will do that & bring it with him at the council the 25th Inſt. & they you & a deligate muſt come again — WO is me that I live in Mieſheck — O to be directed right —
from your afflicted Brother Nathl Whitaker
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From Doct.r Whitaker  April. 11. 1769.