Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Samson Occom, 1769 March 9

Author Wheelock, Eleazar

Date9 March, 1769

ms number769209.2

abstractWheelock writes that he has heard rumours about Occom being drunk. He reports that Hezekiah Calvin is in prison for forging a pass for a Negro, and that Joseph Johnson has not been heard from.

handwritingInformal handwriting is small and somewhat crowded, yet mostly clear and legible. The trailer appears to be in Occom's hand.

paperSmall single sheet appears to have been torn from a larger sheet. It is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.


noteworthyAn editor, likely 19th-century, has added a note to the trailer on one verso. This note, which has not been included in the transcription, obscures a portion of the original text.

Persistent Identifier
My dear ſir.
There is an ugly report bruited of You in Windham [gap: stain][guess: by] M.r Proſper Wetmore of Chilſey. [illegible] it is Said to come from him viz. that You was over taken with exceſsive Drinking at Chilſey near the Time You was here — and y.t You had been Several Times diſguiſed by it — I gave no credit to it & told all I heard diſcourſe about it, that I beleived there was no truth in it. If it be fact indeed, it is Sad indeed, and a greater wound to Chriſt and his Cauſe than Your former Error —
I want much to See You to converſe relative to your deſigned Tour into the Wilderneſs this Spring — for many Reaſons I think it will be beſt You Shod go as Soon as the ways & Seaſon will permitt — And it would be beſt you Should be there while Meſsrſrs Johnſon and Kirtland are at Home that you might Supply the Onoidas in part while they are from them — John Matthews gives Some Grounds to hope he has met with a Saving Change. I hope that he & Abraham will be useful men — there are near 40 who have got a hope Since this late Seaſon of Gods Special Favour towards us began. —
Where is Dr H[illegible][guess: e]ws Daughter which you gave me Reaſon to expect? — Have you concluded to take David with You to errect a School Among the Onondagas? —
do Write me of these things as Soon as may be, that I may know what to depend upon.
I hear that poor Hez Calvin has got into Priſon at Littleaſe for forging a paſs for a Negro, & that it is probable he will fare hardly — I hope God will humble him & do him Good by it — Jo. Johnſon hant yet been seen in these parts — I think he is going in the same track with others — I give my love to you & yours, and am —
yours very heartily Eleazar Wheelock