Robert Keen, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1768 November 14

Author Keen, Robert

Date14 November, 1768

ms number768614

abstractKeen writes that the trust in England has sent its Declaration of Trust, and has agreed to pay Samuel Kirkland a hundred pounds. He also discusses the Charity School accounts and requests that Wheelock send narratives of the conversion of Indians. An account of donors and money donated is included.

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Rev.d S:r
I sent you ⅌ Cap.t Chester Sepr 22.d 1768 — our Deed or Declartion of Trust — I hope you have receiv'd it safe — we judge it sufficient to a[illegible]nswer all the purposes — let us know you have receiv'd it, and your approbation thereof — the continuation of the Narrative is at the printers and as soon as finish'd I shall send you a parcell of them to distribute in America — the Trustees have agreed Mr Kirtland shall be allowd One Hundred Pounds sterling; which you will please to let him have and draw a Bill on John Thornton Esqr for the same — placeing it in your school accounts as allowd him by the Trustees — I have sent him a letter by this conveyance advising him of it —
Your accounts are all right — but before your next audit day Vizt May 6th 1769 — you must receive if you have not already the first five articles in this account now sent you — and the last five articles have been laid out for the school out of the money Subscrib'd in England; the articles themselves will explain it — they must therefore come in your next acco.t on ye creditor side — your accots as well as ours will be printed in the Narrative and I doubt not will give entire satisfaction — all your Folio's & letters came safe to our hands — when you have had the surveys and reports from the different places where to fix your school and transmitted them here we shall call a meeting and fully consider of them and give you our determination but herein we shall most likely be guided by your recommendation as you are the best judge — in the meantime accept these few lines and be aſsur'd we wish you the greatest prosperity —
I am Revd Sr yr Most Humble Servt Robt Keen Secretary
P.S. Whenever you draw for Money let it be on John Thornton Esqr at No. 2 in Church Court in Lothbury London and advise me of them when you draw— you will receive with this letter, others from Mr Whitefield & Mr Thornton — if you could easily procure the publish'd accounts of the conversion of Indians by Dr Chauncy Mr Exp: Mayhew, Mr David Brainard, Mr Saml Drake & no matter wether the Books be old or new and send one of each sort to Lord DartmouthJohn Thornton Esq.r and my self they will be an acceptable present—
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Mr Keens 14 1768

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£,, S,, d—
Articles. ^1st^ The Draught drawn by Nathaniel Eels paid in London 3.d May 1766…. } 100,, —,,
2.d To Cash paid Cap.t Samuel Robinson and sent over the Draught to you. —— } 15,, —,,
3.d M.r Dennis DeBerdt had Subscriptions paid in to him to the Amount of £179..19..6 and says he has remitted it all to D.r Wheelock whereas you have only made yourself D.r for on the 6th of May last when you made up your Acco.t rec.d M.r Hollis's £100 and £20 on J. Smith so that there remains £59..19..6 you have or are to receive from M.r DeBerdt and Acco.t for….. } 59,, 19,, 6 To Cash paid Jn.o Shallock by desire of the Rev.d M.r Beatty } 2,, 2,, Governor Wentworth either has or is to pay his Subscription into you……….. } 21,, —,,
6th The Rev.d M.r Fawcett of Kidderminster his 10 Guineas Subscription was put down among the Subscriber's Names but chose to send them in Books of much greater Value for the School & Miſsionaries }.. 10,, 10,,
7th M.r Barnet of Leeds subscrib'd 4 Guineas & was put down among the Subscriptions but according to his expreſs Order was laid out in Testaments and sent over for the Use of your School. — } 4,, 4,,
The Three following Articles were not the Gift of any particular Person but laid out in Books &c that came exceeding reasonable and sent over for the Use of the School Paid Meſ Field & Symmonds for 1313 Spelling Books worth £30 whereof £14 was given by Sundrys in order they should come cheap to your School. — — — } 14,, 15,, 9 Paid M.r James Smith for a Clock sent to you for your House or School ….—— } 11,, 3,, Paid M.r Watts for Greek Testaments sent over for the School — — — — — — — } —1,, 2,,
S.r What is become of M.r Occom— if he had wrote a letter acknowledging the kindneſs & Civility he met with in England it would have look'd well in the narrative we are now printing instead of that not a word from him nor about him —
I am &c R. Keen