Joseph Johnson, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1768 September 24

Author Johnson, Joseph

Date24 September, 1768

ms number768524.1

abstractJohnson relates the progress of his and Jacob Johnson's travels, and relays news of donations for the school.

handwritingHandwriting is mostly clear; however, the condition of the ink greatly hinders legibility. The trailer is in an unknown hand.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.

inkThe ink is heavily faded; its original color is impossible to discern.

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Ever Hond and much Reſpected Sir.
With Humility, I deſire to Subſcribe my ſelf your Ever humble pupil. Hond Sir I have but just time to let you know that through the care and protection of a kind and Indulgen God we have thus far arrived, we have been here this is the Second day we have miſsed by Reaſon of the Stormy weather. This Day is lik Wiſe Stormy but Mr Johnſon thinks it Such affair of great Importance that we are about to ſet of. this is Indeed a very pleaſent [illegible] place. a people Exceeding kind I have no more time to write, pleaſe Sir to Excuſe my Brevity I am in good ſtate of Health and I hope that you are, I have had the Honour of Seeing the paper of Superſcription or vote for your Acadamy and it amounts of above 2 hundred pounds Caſh Beſides great tracts of Land. they Enform me that there is two more papers about the Town So that they Say it Exceds 6 or 7 hundred pounds I cant write no more in great hast
from your Ever dutifull and most Obediend and Humble pupil. Joſeph Johnſ^o^[gap: worn_edge][guess: n]
P.S. please Sir to Remember me in your prayers, day ly that God would keep me Intirely con[gap: faded][guess: t]nt in the deſpoſal of his providence.  Joſeph Johnſon
Blank page.
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From Joseph Johnson Pittsfield Sep.r 1768
To The Revd EWheelock. D. D. att. Lebanon. Connecticut