Gain Miller, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1768 September 21

Author Miller, Gain

Date21 September, 1768

ms number768521.1

abstractMiller writes to Wheelock asking him to write to Thomas Clark, who has heard that the funds collected by Whitaker and Occom for the Indian School may be diverted.

handwritingFormal handwriting is curvy and occasionally difficult to decipher. Letter case is frequently difficult to discern, especially with regard to the letter S.

paperSingle small sheet has been preserved by silking, which makes it difficult to discern the paper's condition; there appears to be moderate-to-heavy staining, creasing and wear.


EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

Persistent Identifier
Right Revrd and Dear Sir
after Humble Regards to you Wiſhing yt god who Put it Into your hart to Set up yt Noble Deſign afoot (viz) ye Inden ſCool yt he would make it,s Name and fame to Extend to ye outmoſt Lemits of ye Pagan tribes for ye advancements of ye Great Redeemers Kingdom, having had an oppurtunity of ſeeing ye Revd mr Thomas Clark of White Creek County albany Province of Newyork, he was Very anxious to hear about ye scool and ye more so becauſe he was Informd yt ye Donations and mony yt ye Revd miſsurs Whitticer and occum ^had made^ was Like to be — ſubverted from yt uſe he is Now gon Down to ye Pby of In P^h^leladelphia and I Expeit to see him In his Return and Would [illegible] take it as a Great favour if you Would oblidg him wt a Line from you Rev,d Sir Excuſe great heaſt ye Bearer being Weating. Humbly aſking a remembrance [illegible] In your Prayers for me and famely. Hoping God will still Bleſs you In all your attemps to advance ye ye Intreſt of Chriſt is ye Deſare of sir
yours to serve — — Gain Miller Sharon Septbr 21. 1768
P S if you Pleas to Write to me. Direct to ye Care of ye Revd mr Smith or Col John Willims
M.r Gain Miller's. Sep.r 21st 1768
To ye Revrd Docter Eliezard Whelock of Lebanon, to ye Care of Cap Houſe of andevour