Eleazar Wheelock, draft of will, 1768 April 14

Author Wheelock, Eleazar

Date14 April, 1768

ms number768264

abstractA draft of Wheelock’s will.

handwritingThe first two-plus pages of the document are written in a hand that is other than Wheelock's. It is informal and crowded, yet largely clear and legible. Beginning with the second word of the ninth line on two recto, the hand is Wheelock's (there are also additions made in Wheelock's hand throughout). Wheelock's hand is informal, small and occasionally difficult to decipher.

paperDocument consists of one large single sheet and one large sheet folded in half to make four pages. The paper is in fair condition, with moderate-to-heavy staining, creasing and wear. A small tear at the top of two recto/verso results in a minor loss of text.


noteworthyA tag reading "Part of the Frederick Chase Collection given by his heirs" is affixed to both two recto and three verso.

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Item. And whereas I ^have^ did for many & weighty reasons more than thirteen years ago, undertake, & have ^at my own Riſque & Expence^ by the aſsistance & favour of god, founded a charity school for the education of youths of the several tribes of Indians in this land, and alſo of a competent number of English youths to accompany them, with a single view to the spreading the gospel into the ignorant parts of this Land, eſpecially among the Indians. And by the smiles of heaven upon every step that hath hitherto been taken in the Affair, the design is now become respectable in Europe as well as America, inso‐‐much that large donations have been made, whereby a number of Miſsionaries & schoolmasters have been, and are supported in the Wilderneſs, as well as a considerable number now in this school. filling for the like service when they have finished their learning here And a ^very^ considerable fund is ^additional Sums have been^ collected in great Britain, chiefly by the endeavours of the Rev.d Doct.r Whitaker, whom I have ^Authorised commiſsioned and^ sent, in com‐‐pany with the Rev.d Sampson Occom, in my name, to solicit the charities of gods people ^only^ for the use & support of s.d Design; And God having amidst the numberleſs & signal favours, by which he has own'd this design, put it into the hearts of thoſe most noble worthy & generous friends & benefactors the Right hon.ble W..m Earl of Dartmouth M.r Baron Smythe John Thornton Samuel Roffey Charles Hardey & Daniel West Esqr M.r Samuel Savage M.r Josiah Robarts & Mr Robart Keen all of, or near the City of London to become Guarantees to the publick for the safety ^Security^ & due application of sd fund ^Monies^ collected in great Britain for promoting the great design afores.d, & that this so important Affair should ^might not^ fail or be obstructed thro' my decease, and it being also neceſsary for the safety wellbeing & succeſs of ye undertaking that there be also a trust appointed on this side the water who may & shall receive all gifts & grants subscriptions or donations any way made in these Colonies for the use & support of s.d school or miſsionaries and to dispose of and improve ye same according to ye will of ye doners; and also to examine & judge of the qualifications of Miſſsys & school-masters; the numbers from time to time expedient & their fitneſs for the places they shall be respectively designed for and also of their fidelity & skill in performing the truths respectively reposed in them & accordingly to authorize & appoint them to yr respective offices or displace & remove them as they shall find occasion
I do therefore, after much deliberation & committing the affair to god & waiting upon him for light & direction therein — nominate & appoint my much hon.d & worthy friends afores.d viz the Right hon.ble W.m Earl of Dartmouth, &c to be trustees of all ye Donations yt have been made or shall be made ^of any kind or in^ any manner of way wtever thro' yr hands for ye use & benefit of ye genl design afores.d & to them ye s.d trustees I give & bequeath sd fund allready made or any gifts grants or donations to be made as afores.d to ym & to yr succeſsors to be by them disposed of & improved in ye best manner only for ye Uses aforesd [illegible][guess: yt] & to do wtever yy shall judge necessary to be done on yt side ye water for ye safety welbeing prosperity, succeſs & increaſe ^[left]of ye great design in view^ under such regulations as shall be hereafter mentioned—^X^ & in case of ye death or resignation ^[left]of any^ of ye s.d [illegible][guess: T] 9 Gentleman such vacancy be declared & others chosen by ye majority of ye remaining Trustees, to fill up such Vacancy or Vacancies
I do also [illegible][guess: apppoint]nominate & appoint my son Ralph Wheelock ^One mentioned on my ^aforeſd^ will^ to be my succeſsor in ye immediate care oversight guidance & direction of this whole Affair, so long & under such limitations & restrictions as shall be here‐after mentioned in this will — I do also nominate & appoint my faithful & trusty friends Col: W.m Pitkin Esq.r of Hartford, the Rev.d Benjamin Pomroy of Hebron the Rev.d James Lockwood of Wethersfield, the Rev.d W.m ^Timo Pitkin^ of Farmington, the Rev.d Nath.l Whitaker DD of Norwich, the Revd W.m Patten of Hartford & my son Ralph Wheelock all of the Colony of Connecticut & the Rev.d Saml Kirtland Miſs.y to be Trustees of all the Donations that have been made or shall be made ^in these colonies American colonies^ for the Use support & benefit of ye general design in view ^the School & Miſsionaries as aforeſd^ & to them ye s.d Trustees last mentioned I give & bequeath the Lot of Land or tenement in this ^s.d^ Society ^in Lebanon^ aforeſ.d given oreginally by M.r Joshua Moore of Mansfield & since confirmed to me by a deed from his widdow for the Use & support of sd school ^togather^ w.th ye subscriptions made by divers well disposed persons for ye support & benefit of ye school, & any & all other or real or personal estate that has been or shall be given or any way convey'd or made over to this school ^and Miſsionaries^ or to me for the Use & benefit of ye same To them & to their Successors to have & to hold or alienate & dispose of as yy shall judge best only for ye uses afores.d — And that they or any five of them ye whole being duely notified (by letters or otherways of ye Time & place of meeting) shall have full power to chuse another Trustee if they shall think fit & then to to confirm ye appointment I have made of (my son Ralph for) my successor or to chuse another of their number in his stead — & that the same so chosen to be my succeſsor be approved by the R.t honble noble & worthy Gentlemen of ye Trust in England otherwise that a new nomination be made by the Teither set of Trustees 'till one be found in which all may unite & that the one appointed by ye Trust on this
si[gap: tear][guess: de the] water shall officiate till that matter be settled & it is my will that my succeſsor^[inline]s^ be ^Succeſsively^ appointed by will with the Advice of ^&^ or approbation both of the Trustees here & in England ^forever or^ untill a legal incorporation shall be obtained ^and that he be approved by both Setts of Truſtees or else yt another be by them Chosen as aforeſaid^ And in case of a vacancy by the death of
[below]My Succe‐ſor or Succeſsors shall die with out such will that one be choſen by both ſetts of Truſtees as aforeſ.d, & y.t he Who ſhall be appointed by the Truſtees on this the water officiate till that matter be ſettled as aforeſ.d & [illegible]in Caſe of a vacancy by ye death or
resignation of any of the Trustees that such vacancy or vacancies bye supplied by others chosen by the major part of the surviving Trustees —& it shall be ye duty of theſe Trustees to examine & authorize Miſsionaries & school masters & appoint them to their respective services and judg of their Skill & Fidelity in performing the Same and accord‐ingly continue or diſplace and remove them as they Shall jidge fit. and do any thing for the help and aſsiſtance of my S.d Succeſsor in the vigorous Proſecution of the Sd great Deſign, ^[inline]and to appoint fix upon and determine & fix upon laws rules and orders for ye^ ^[below]Edification Decency, & Good Economy of the Whole affair as they Shall from time to time find neceſs.y^
Also that my Succeſsor keep a faithful and fair acco.t of all ^Expences andfor, &^ Diſburſments of money, in, this whole affair and tranſmitt the Same twice a year, with an accot of all Succeſses and remarkable Occurrances to the Truſt in England — and that they ^he^ Shall do the Same, with reſpect to my New Plan which he or they truſt ^here^ Shall think fit to come in[illegible]to, in the Proſecution of this Deſign, when and as Soon as there is opportunity for it, and if it may be before he enters upon the Execution of it, in order for their approbation of [illegible] ye ^Truſt in England^ at Home and the Accots being thus kept and tranſmitted, the Truſt in England ſhall not have right to proteſt any Bills or Draughts made upon their Treaſurer [illegible]to pay any Expenses made before my Succeſsor Shall have received the Notice of their Diſapprobation of the Meaſures he is purſuing. The Same I expect for my Self So long as I do to the beſt of my Ability proceed according to the foregoing proposals. and I hope in God who has hitherto So mar=vellouſly appeard to maintain and promote this Cauſe hitherto which is his own that he will yet take care of it and perform the higheſt wiſhes and Hopes of his Saints concerning it, and particularly that he will open the Hearts of Such as he has Endowed with Ability to provide a ^laſting^ Fund for the Support ^not only of the School but^ of the Preſident, ^Inſtructors^ and Trustees other ^[left]officers neceſsary for^ of the Same. Wherefore know Ye that I do by these preſents Give Grant Convey and make over to my much Hond & Worthy Friends ^before named^ viz the R.t Honle William Earl of Dartmouth M.r Baron Smythe &c and to their Succeſsors Choſen as before mentioned, forever [illegible] ye Gifts money already collected which is now in their Hands, and all the Gifts Grants or Donations of any kind that shall hereafter be made thro' their Hands only for the uses & purpoſes aforeſd and in the manner aforeſ.d and I do by these preſents bind and oblige myſelf that the Plan aforeſaid Shall remain and be the form and manner of this School, only reſerving to my Self the Liberty to change my Succeſ.r or to nominate another in Stead of him who is now named in my Will and also to add two more Truſtees ^more^ than are now named or remove either of these and put another or others in Stead thereof if I Shall think it Expedient.
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To all pp to wm these Preſents Shall come Greeting Know Ye y.t Whereas I Eleazar Wheelock of Lebanon in the County of Windham and coloney of Connecticut in N. England ([illegible]) have by my laſt will and Teſtament, Dated this 14th Day of April 1768. regulated, moddled, ordered and diſposed of my Indian Charity School in the manner and form ^and words^ following viz. "Item. and Where as I did &c [illegible]did[illegible] for many &c.