Tobias Shattock, letter, Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 December 10

Author Shattock, Tobias

Date10 December, 1767

ms number767660.2

abstractShattock writes that he is leaving for England, where he will speak in favor of his Tribe and the Charity School, and that he has passed on the recruitment of students to Edward Deake.

handwritingHandwriting is formal, bold and clear. It is the same as on manuscripts 765566.1, 767115.1, 767351.1, 767552, 767559, 767562.2, 767630.2, and possibly 767231, 767251 and 768371.2. It is possibly that of Edward Deake, schoolmaster at Charlestown. The trailer is in an unknown hand.

paperLarge single sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.


Persistent Identifier
Revd Doct.r
I now Inform you, y.t y.e Circumſtance of my Bretheren calls me into England, thro' kind Indulgent Providence, I'm like to go much sooner than I expected. Captn Wm Chase has offer'd me a Paſsage to England, in his Ship, which kind offer I shall thank‐fully Imbrace. — I'm truly Sorry to leave my Study so soon, but can't help it. — For y.r kindneſs to me, my Wife & Child, also the Degree of Learning I got in y.r School, wou'd now addreſs my‐ſelf to You in ye deepest Senſe of Gratitude, & Thanks.  As you have been a great Friend to me, You need not fear, but that I shall Speak in favour of Your School.
As, (I hope,) You have a near Intercorſe with Heaven, I ask an Interest in your Prayers, that God, ye Desposer of all Hearts wou'd raise me up true Friends, to lay our Misery be‐fore his most Sacred Majesty, & his most Hon: Privy Council, & that I may be favour'd with y.e Gracious Influance of his Holy Spirit. — We Shall Sail y.e first fair Wind.
In grateful remembrance of Friendſhip, & Civility, with cordial Love to all my acquaintance, I am, Revd Sr.
(with great respect) y.r Hum.[illegible][guess: e] Servt. Tobias Shattock
P.S. As to y.e Boys You wrote for, I left y.e affair with m.r Deake, and the Council of Indians. — T.S.
From Toby Shattock Dec.r 10. 1767
To the Rev.d Doctr Wheelock att Lebanon