Samuel Johnson, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 November 12

Author Johnson, Samuel

Date12 November, 1767

ms number767612.3

abstractJohnson writes from Yale of his progress, and that of other Wheelock students.

handwritingSomewhat scrawling hand is occasionally difficult to decipher, yet is nontheless formal and mostly legible.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear.

noteworthyAlthough it is not wholly certain, it is likely that the Indians to whom Johnson refers are the Mohawks at Fort Hunter. The trailer is in an unknown hand; it appears that this same hand is the one that has overwritten the month in dateline. An unknown hand has made pencil marks at the third paragraph on one recto.

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Rev,d & Hon,d Sir
Yours of 20th inſt came ſafe for which I return moſt gr[illegible]ateful thanks, and rejoice in God for his Goodneſs thus manifeſted towards the Heathen. may farther Succeſes exceed your greateſt Expectations. and that you may tlive long under the peculiar Smiles of Heaven and (ſeeing thouſands of poor Indians, flocking to the Redeemer) very late [illegible][guess: aſſend] is the Prayer of Myriads  I have recoverd my Helth and able to [illegible]Study hard. Affairs go on very [guess: ſtil] here I believe a Reverential Love univerſally riegns towards our worthy Teacho^u^rs
Dr Wheelocks Pupils are all well except Meather who as he told me was ſeck of College not being uſd to ſo wicked aplace and under Sophemorical Govern­ment; but I hope he will ere long recover for I am ſure he hath many Friends here. I can,t but admire at the uni­verſal Love which Wheelock [illegible]hath acquird by that modeſt and very agreable Meene which is ſo natural in all his Behaviour. I want to write the Indians and to hear what become of thoſe I wrote laſt Spring. but at preſent know of no Oppertunity — Revd & Hond Sir by the Stricteſt Bonds of Gratitude I am
Your very dutiful Humble Servant Samuel Johnson
P,S, Would the Dr pleas to let me know (when you have an oppertunety) whether my Horſe is heard of or not
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From Samuel Johnson Nov.r 1767
To— The Rev,d Doctor. E. Wheelock. Lebanon