Hezekiah Calvin, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 October 12

Author Calvin, Hezekiah

Date12 October, 1767

ms number767562.1

abstractCalvin writes that he wants to get his watch back from Aaron Occom, and that he feels uneasy and wants to leave School.

handwritingFormal handwriting is small yet clear and legible.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good-to-fair condition, with light-to-moderate creasing, staining and wear.


signatureThe signature is abbreviated.

layoutThe first page of the letter is on one recto, but the second page is on two recto, not one verso.

noteworthyCalvin previously states his desire to leave the school in manuscript 767360.

Persistent Identifier
Rev.d Sir,
Once more I would attempt to intreat upon thy Goodneſs, to ask a favour from thee, & that is wheather Dr Wheelock intends to send for Aaron Occom? if not I must go & get my watch for he has got it, I do not Love to loſe it So. — moreover I want to go away from this school, I do not like to tarry here, I shall never or I have not the Heart to do any good amongst the Heathen I am uneaſy, & it seems to me if [illegible]Dr Wheelock does not give me leave to go, I must go without leave but I had rather go with a Dismiſsion, not with‐ out Liberty, but I am uneaſy enough to do either of them, I should rather talk with [illegible]Docr Wheelock first upon few things, I am uneaſy Sir I shall
Blank page.
turn out as Jacob Wolley did if I tarry much longer, so I should rather go before the Docr sees that time so I end your
Undutiful Pupil Hezekiah Calvin
For the Revd Mr Wheelock D:D.
To the Revd Mr Eleazer Wheelock D. D. Lebanon
[bottom]From Hez: Calvin Octr 12..th 1767