Robert Keen, letter, to Nathaniel Whitaker, 1767 August 11

Author Keen, Robert

Date11 August, 1767

ms number767461

abstractKeen writes to Whitaker that he has forwarded letters and Narratives to him, including a letter for Occom about Mr. Mason being in London on Indian affairs.

handwritingVery clear and formal, with large flourishes at the opening.

paperSmall sheet with heavy staining, creasing and wear. A large tear results in loss of text.

inkDark brown.

signatureMissing, due to tear.

layoutConcluding lines of the letter are written horizontally across the left side of 1 recto.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain, Mason Land Case

Persistent Identifier
Dear Sr
I'm sorry your mind is uneasy in not hearing from us — we have nothing particular to write about — you are afraid we are displeas'd at your conduct by not hearing from us; but that is a plain strategem of the Enemy to distreſs you, for we have been always plain and open with you, therefore hearing nothing from us, you should infallibly judge there is nothing of that sort in our minds — on the contrary I have wrote Two Letters to you both directed for you at ye Revd M:r Ogilvie's at Newcastle upon Tyne — which if you have not reced I would have you see after; the last did not go from hence till ye 8th Inst & will be at Newcastle on ye which ^place^ you will have left I suppose before that time; it contains 1 letter for you from abroad & another from me to Mr Occom about Mr Mason who is here on the Indian affairs — — — dont you hurry from places too much [gap: tear][guess: ?] one would think according to Mr Smith & others accot of Newcastle, you might have spent 3 weeks or a month & done very considerable things there — I shall repeat nothing of my 2 former letters in this, but refer you to them — M.r Oliver sent 200 Narratives on Friday Morng 31st July which though he blunder'd & sent by the Waggon they must get there in a week & a little after sent 3 quire of papers with the letters to it as you desir'd — if on your coming to Leeds more Narratives is wanting word & they shall be sent — but Mr Edwards
[left]took 100 at least with him from London ye beginning of June to distribute at Sheffield &c&c as you desir'd [gap: tear] when you was there & if Mr Edwards has not return'd from Scarborough his daughter can let you have wha[gap: tear] all your friends here (yt knows of my writing) desires [gap: tear][guess: to] be kindly remember'd to you & Mr Occom [gap: tear]
I am D.r S.r [gap: tear]
[left]P. S. Mr Smith read yours of ye [gap: tear][guess: 5th Inst] [gap: tear] this day to Sheerneſs [gap: tear] ye benefit of ye Saltwater for 3 or 4 [gap: tear][guess: d]ays — he seems pretty well
From Mr Keen of Augt 11. 1767