Emmanuel Simon, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 April 1

Author Simon, Emmanuel

Date1 April, 1767

ms number767251

abstractSimon writes Wheelock asking to be reinstated in the School; Edward Deake adds a postscript.

handwritingNeat and legible. Handwriting is possibly the same as on 765566.1, 767115.1, 767351.1, 767552, 767559, 767562.2, 767630.2, 767660.2, 767231, and 768371.2.

paperYellowed, but otherwise in good condition.

inkDark brown.

noteworthy“Childhood and youth are vanity” is from Ecclesiastes 11:10.

signatureThere are two signatures; Deake's is abbreviated.

Persistent Identifier
Revd ſr,
Experiance has taught me that "Childwhood, and youth is vanity." I might now been under your tuition, & been Instructed in the most fundamental principles of Religion, but alas, all this I've forfeted by leaving you! I unfeign­edly acknowledge I was to blame in leav­ing you, but hope you are good anough to pardon me, and once more recive me into your School. Which I should e­steem as the greatest favour.
I am, (Revd Sr with great respect,)
your most obedient Humble Servt Immanuel Simon
Sr If you receive this young man into your School, I hope you'll be able to make a good one of him, for I'm sure there's great need of it.
fron yr most Huml Servt Edwd Deake
Blank page.
From Immanuel Simon April 1st 1767
To the Revd Mr Elz— Wheelock att Lebanon.