Hezekiah Calvin, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 March 3

Author Calvin, Hezekiah

Date3 March, 1767

ms number767203.1

abstractCalvin confesses his faults and asks to be given another trial at the school.

handwritingHandwriting is formal and clear.

paperSingle sheet is in good condition, with light staining and wear, and moderate creasing.

inkDark brown.

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Hond Sir
Your goodneſs binds me to you in all thank‐fulneſs, but how shall I, or in what Language or words shall I expreſs the senſe of Gratitude due to your care & tenderneſs who have all along laid so many obligations on me, so many & in so high degree, that I may as well Number them, which is as imposible as to declare their greatneſs & worth, & yet after all theſe motives to good, ſober, & Christian behavior, I should behave in this manner, it is enough to plunge Mr Wheelock into a great Greif, if an unfeigned Promiſe of a good behaviour would in any wiſe move you for a farther Trial & forgiveneſs of all my misconducts.(I am sorry for my puting upon Iyou by Saying that I[illegible] was a Devil after Mr Wheelock, which I knew not the meaning of at first) I would Most humbly beg it,— And if their is no prospect of my doing any good to ye Deſign you have in weiw, doing good to my Poor Brethren, I desire to Leave this ^school^, & not tarry to bring reproach upon this school design any more, I have brought too much already, this is
from thy unworthy & ungraleful Servant Hezekiah Calvin.
March 3.d
From Hez: Calvin March 3.d 1767
For the Reverend M.r Eleazer Wheelock in Lebanon Crank