Samson Occom, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 February 12

Author Occom, Samson

Date12 February, 1767

ms number767162.2

abstractOccom writes from England of his sorrow regarding the misconduct of Wheelock’s Indian pupils and the problems in caring for his family. He asks that Wheelock instruct Occom’s son Aaron according to the boy’s inclinations.

handwritingHandwriting is largely clear, neat, and legible.

paperThe paper is generally in good condition, but the edges appear to have been trimmed and torn, which results in a significant disruption of text. This trimming of edges has separated the two sides of the paper, resulting in a separation of text on one recto, line 11 — the word “to” added to the left can be seen on two recto.


noteworthyThere is a red pencil mark near the bottom of one recto.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

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Revd & Hon.rd Sir
It has been my Lot for a long time to have Sorrow of Heart, I have had Burden upon Burden, Trial upon Trial, Both without and within far and Near, the A General Concern is Riveted in my Heart, for my Poor Bretheren According to the Fleſh, Both for their Bodies and Souls; my Relations Cauſes Heavyer Sorrow; Every obſtruction and Diſcouragement to Your School, and every Miſs Contuct and behaviour of Your Indian Scholars, Touches me to the quick; More than all theſe, the Conſiderations of my poor Family, [illegible]as it ware, lets my ^very^ Heart's Blood; I am ready ^[left]to^ Say, I am a Cruel Huſband and Father, God had given me a large Family, but they have no enjoyment of me, nor I them for Some [illegible][guess: E]Years back, and the whole Burden and Care of a Large Family of Children, lies upon my poor Wife; what adds to my Sorrowful Heart is this, that whilest I am a Teacher to others, I have neglected my own Children, by my Perigrenations, and now my Children are growing, up, and are growing wild; and the Devil has been Angry, yea he has & is Deviliſh Mad with me, and if he can, he will Drag all my Children into all Manner Sins and Down to Hell; But bleſsed be God he has provided an almighty Saviour, and all my Hope is in hime, for my ſelf and Family,— If I was not fully Perſwaded and Aſure'd that this work was of god, and I had an undoubted Call of god to Come over into this Country, I wou'd not have Come over, like a fool as I did, without any Countenance from our Board, but I am will. Still to be a fool for Chriſt Sake — this Eleviats
my Heart amidſt all my Burdens, and Balances all my Sorrows at Times, or enables me to bear my Trials, that I am in the way of my Duty, and the Lord uſes me in any Shape to promote his kingdom in the World, — I am Glad, and am thankful that you have taken my wild Son, if You Can make any thing of him, I Shall ^be^ happy in him, if he Incline^s^ to Book Learning, give him Good Engliſh Education, bu^t^ if not, le[illegible]t him go to Some good maſter, to Learn Joiner^s^ Trade, he Inclines to that, and if that won't do, Send him over to me, and I will give him a way to Some gentleman here — I return you Hearty thanks for the Care you have taken of my Family, — Sir, let it ſuffiſe you, to hear of me by Mr Whitakers Letters, there is no need of my writing often, Since Mr Whitaker writes So often,
By the goodneſs of god we Enjoy Good State of Health, Mr ^Whitefield^ is well as he has been theſe 7 Years; but Mrs Whitefield is in ^low^ State of Health, Mr John Smith is well as uſual, and hope theſe may find you and yours in good Health. Dutiful and grateful Reſpects to you and your Spouſe, and Love to the reſt of the Family and Scholars, and Chriſtian reſpects to all Enquiring Friends,
I am Sir, your moſt obligd and Humble Servant Samſon Occom To the Revd Mr Wheelock
PS: Perhaps you may wonder why I write After this manner I have receiv'd Chifely Mo^u^rnful Letters from my Wife, yet I have not forgot the Tender Mercies of god to me and mine — —
Since Capt Shaw is backward to do for m[gap: tear][guess: y] family, I wiſh he had his Due, that won[gap: tear] be even, if you Ca[gap: tear] Saliſfy him I Shou[gap: tear][guess: ld be] Eaſy in my m[gap: tear][guess: ind]
To The Rev.d Mr Wheelock at Lebanon. New England
From the Revd S: Occom Feby 1767