Jacob Fowler, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 January 31

Author Fowler, Jacob

Date31 January, 1767

ms number767131

abstractJacob Fowler expresses gratitude for Wheelock’s attention and kindness.

handwritingHandwriting is small, formal and legible.

paperPaper is in fair-to-poor condition, with heavy yellowing, staining, creasing and wear. There is extensive silking along the creases.


noteworthyThe Latin phrase "si placet tibi domini" translates to "if it pleases you, master."

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Rev:nd & Hon:rd Sir;
deeply ſenſible, of what Gratitude I owe to The Rev:nd Mr E. Wheelock and to all his Family, for his goodneſs to me to chuſe me out. from my ſtupid Brethren and to bring me into his School, and there to give me my Learning for Nothing only to be Dutiful and Obedient to him and ^to^ all his Family..— And to ſet me ſo much above my Fellow Crea- tures, (viz) to be capable to teach a School. To be ſent up here to teach a School, and how Utterly Unworthy I am to be put to ſuch Affair And how unworthy I am of the leaſt Favour from thy Hands.— it makes me tremble to think to write to ſuch a Great Gentleman as M:.r E. Wheelock is, I am afraid I ſhall ſay Somthing that will be diſ­pleaſing to him.— If I do I humbly aſk Your Forgivneſs Sir. I am ſhame to ſay any thing about My School. I ſuppoſe M.r Chamberlein will tell you Sir ­ ­about
­about it.— I dont know what to write more— Pleaſe to give my Duty to M:rſs Wheelock My humble Compliments to all your Children —Sir (ſi placet tibi Domini) my Love to all thy School.— Give me Liberty to ſubſcribe my Se^l^f.—
Your moſt Obediennt Dutiful tho unworthy Pupel Jacob Fowler.—
Jacob Fowler's Janry 31. 1767.