Robert Cottle, letter, to Nathaniel Whitaker, 1766 December 9

Author Cottle, Robert

Date9 December, 1766

ms number766659

abstractCottle informs Whitaker of potential donors. There is also the text of a notice that Occom will preach the next Sabbath in Frog Lane.

handwritingCottle's hand is formal, stylized and largely clear and legible. The text of the notice is in Whitaker's hand, which is also mostly clear and legible.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in poor condition, with heavy staining, creasing and wear.

inkThe letter is written in brown ink that has faded significantly. The notice is in strong brown-black ink.

signatureThe signature is abbreviated.

layoutThe first page of the letter is on one recto, but the second page is on two verso, not one verso. Whitaker has written the notice in different orientations.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

Persistent Identifier
Most Rev..d & Dr ſir —
Thr'o mercy I gote ſafe home and found my dearest and family all well ſince I left you I have recolected a family Near Salisbury one M.r Walters ſon & Daughter and I beleve if you wait upon them they will give you ſomthing handsom towards ye Charity they are near relations of of Mr Steel of Broughton In Hamſhire which I beg you will by no means neglect calling upon the old Gentleman ſon & Daughter Query if it would not be worth your while to call at — Andover were a part of the family do live he having a Daughter married there in considerable Circumstances I am perswaded M.r Steel and family will [illegible]do all they can to promote this great Charity please to preſent my best respects to the whole family — I do most Sincearely wish you ſuc^c^eſs in this so great an Undertaking my heart is with you and was I a person of fortune great part ſhould be devoted to the Converſion Christanising and Instructing the poor Indians May the Lord be with you
And his presence go before you and bleſs you and this your great and laudable Undertaking but I cannot take my leave of you as I hope you will & M.r Occom be with us on Lords Day but this I must leave to your generosity and as you ſhall ſee the path of duty with only ſaying — it would give your friends in general great pleasure and one in particular but for fear of being tedious must conclude with my respects to D.r M.r Occom and Accept the ſame from D.r ſir
Your Sincear friend & I Somtimes humbly hope Bro in our Common Lord Robt Cottle
PS/ please to give me a line by the first oppertunity after you have been at Broughton & wt ſucceſs also please to rembmbr me in your prayers — My wife gives her love to you both adiew
The Revd m.r Occom will preach next Sabbath morning at half after ten o'Clock at the Revd mr Franks in Frog Lane
And as it is imagined by Some that this is a party deſign Set on foot by the Methodiſts &c This is there‐fore to aſſure the publick that this noble deſign was Set on foot ^[illegible][guess: inſtitute]^ & carried on by Gentlemen who are of no Such party, as is evident by the Reccommenders of all deno‐minations above —
The Revd mr Occom, an Indian of North America, who is come to England in order to promote the Charity reccommended above will preach at the Rev.d mr Frank's in Frog Lane next Sab: at half after 10.' O'Clock in the morning for the benefit of Said Charity.
And as Some have imagined that this Charity is a party deſign, & Set on foot by the Methodiſts: This is to aſſure all perſons that this noble inſtitution was begun & is carried on without any [illegible] [illegible][guess: view] to any party; but with the Sole ^a^ view only to Chriſtianize & Civilize the miſerable Indians, & without any deſign to promote any party what‐ever; as is evident from the above recommendations in which Chriſ‐tians of all denominations have united, And we Shall be heartily Sorry if any party Should ariſe to obſtruct the progreſs of So pious & Catholic a deſign.
To Rev.d M.r Whittaker at Bath ⅌ the favour of m.r Ludlow
From mr [illegible][guess: Cotle] [illegible] reſpecting mr Steel of Broton