Samuel Johnson, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1766 December 1

Author Johnson, Samuel

Date1 December, 1766

ms number766651.1

abstractJohnson writes of his mission's progress and reports that the Mohawks at Fort Hunter don't want to have Moses for their teacher.

handwritingHandwriting is somewhat scrawling and occasionally difficult to decipher.

paperLarge single sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.


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Revd & Honourd Patron
I wrote with a trembling Hand when I gave Mr Whelock (or rather endeverd to) ſome Information of Affai^rs^ here but was ſurpriſd when I had acqu^a^inted myſelf by what I hear and ſee of the Indians for I conſeder^e^d that I wrote wholy y from Hezekiah Information and knowing the Trouble of Mind it would be to Mr Wheelock (and unneeſſeſary Trouble too) I ſought and as ^I^ thought found an Oppertunety to ſend ſome Letters that if poſable I might be able to leviate thoſe Pains which the late Informa­ tion hath been the Occation of but alas I miſt my Oppertunety  Honour’d Sir I ſend the ſd Letters now in which you will ſee perhaps what hath been the [illegible][guess: Diſeas] amongſt theſe Indians their Narrations on Hezekiahs Conducts are too nume rous to mention here and I ſhould think it was not to be minded did not I receiv the ſame from every one who knew the Affairs I have livd one Week at a Houſe untill I have gone round once I live well and am treated ſo[illegible] my Number of Schollers is not ſomany aſ before becauſe of late there is a bout half adozen gone on the Hunt but I hope to have them ſoon.  After [illegible]ing my renewd Obligations to Mr W for his favor by Moſis I hope to be excuſd from delivering the [guess: Meſ]­ to the Indians be fore I know further what will be thought of Mr Wheelock moſt proper for I think the Affairs here never ware better than at preſent, the Indians here would not receiv Moſes for they Said they wont acquainted with him and they ware affeard for one Namely Hezekiah had uſd them badly and and if I would l^[illegible]^eve them they would not venter to take an other at preſent but they would keep me aſ long as I would ſtay. I aſked Mr Chamberlin (than whom I think none more zelous in the Cauſe and deſſirous of beind if poſable a Guide to the blind Heathan and weth out whos Ad­ vice I dont pretend to act) what ſhall I do he ſaid I will ſtay and run all venters this Winter and ſaid he if you wont this School is loſt but act for your ſelf. ſaid he Mr W dont know how affairs are here thare fore we muſt act as well as we can untill we can ſet the [illegible][guess: mater] in its true light with hoping to hear further aſ ſoon aſ can be I beg lieve to Subcribe Revd & Honourd Patron
Your deutiful Samll Johnson
John Crane is comeing and if I dont hear with mr C. advice I ſhall come with him
From Saml Johnſon Dec..r 1766