Jacob Fowler, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1766 November 28

Author Fowler, Jacob

Date28 November, 1766

ms number766628.1

abstractFowler writes regarding the good state of his mission at Canajoharie.

handwritingHandwriting is formal, clear and legible. For the first few lines, it appears that Fowler may have drawn lines to guide his writing.

paperSmall sheet is in good condition, with light creasing, staining and wear.


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Rev:nd & Hon:rd Sir,
I kindly embrace this Opportunity to write theſe few Lines wiſhing they might find you well and hearty Sir as you was the laſt Time I ſaw you Sir; I hope you and all your Family are well. as for my Part I am well and hearty at Preſent and have been ſo ever ſince I left home; I like it very well to live here, I have ^found^ it much better than I expected, ay, and not only better than I expected, but much better than I deſerve; I am well Contented to live here amongſt theſe Indians in this Place, and they are very kind to me. tho' they are Drunk half their Time, they have not made any Attempts to hurt me. My Scholars are all well, and learn well, and ſome of them learn[illegible][guess: s] very faſt. we have got the Indi­ ans ſo that we can ſing good many Tunes with all three Parts.
Pleaſe to give my Due Reſpects to Madam Wheelock And my Duty to Sir. Wheelock. And my Love to all your Family Sir if you pleaſe.. and my Love to all the School; — I have nothing more at Preſent, only, to add
'Tis from Your moſt Humble Obedient. tho' Unworthy Pupel Jacob Fowler.
To the Rev:nd M:r Er Wheelock.—
[bottom]Letter from Jacob Fowler Nov.r 28. 1766.