Bezaleel Woodward, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1766 June 13

Author Woodward, Bezaleel

Date13 June, 1766

ms number766363.4

abstractWoodward writes about Mary Occom's accounts with the merchants Gershom Breed and Nathaniel Shaw while her husband is in England.

handwritingFormal handwriting is clear and legible. Woodward tends to use two periods when abbreiviating words and numbers.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear. There is a small tear near the remnants of the seal, but it results in no loss of text.


noteworthyA modern hand has written “Occum” in pencil on two recto. “VDM,” derived from the Latin to denote a “minister of the divine word,” appears after Wheelock’s name in the address.

layoutThe first page of the letter is on one recto; the second page of the letter is on two verso, not one verso.

EventsBuilding of Occom’s house, Fundraising Tour of Great Britain

Persistent Identifier
Rev..d & much reſpected Sir —
According to your Deſire, I gyeſterday carried the Money (you sent by M.r Kirtland for Occom) to her; and told her, that you expected she would pay M.r Breed part of it, accordingly she sent him (by me) seven Pounds four Shillings — she said that M.r Occom had order'd her, to pay Cap.t Shaw fifteen Pounds of it; but as he had refuſed to provide for her, she did not know whither she ought to pay him so much — but said Occom ^she^ "Capt "Shaw has turn'd his Coach about; and is as "pleaſant as a Chicken now; and is ready to "let me have any Thing I want" — She said that she wants about half a Thouſand of pine Boards, to finiſh part of her Houſe (this Summer as M.r Occom directed her to do) alſo a Barrel of Meal, and half a Barrel of Molaſses: and diſired me to write to you, and inform you of them – and that you would let her know whither it was beſt to get them at M.r Breed's; or Cap.t Shaw's
And that you would inform her; whither it was beſt to let M.r Breed have more of this Money, and Capt Shaw the leſs (as he had once refuſed to provide for her) she seem'd inclined to get all her Things at M.r Breeds now, if you ^think^ it is beſt (if he can provide them for her) and would wait for your Direction about it (if it could be had soon)
I am (thro' the Goodneſs of God) in Health alſo M.r Whitaker's Family — With sutable Regards to yourſelf, and Family
Your moſt obedient humble Serv[illegible][guess: t] Bez..el Woodward
N.B. Cap.t Shaw has had a Letter from M.r Occom (as I suppoſe) and ^I miſtruſt^ that it what turn'd him about — Whitaker says that Cap.t Shaw had a Letter from London ^which came^ with hers about a Fortnight ago — — B. Woodward
Blank page.
To the Revd. Eillegibleleazar Wheelock From Bez.l Woodward  June 13.1766. P.r Willegibleoodwards
To The Rev..d Eleazar Wheelock VDM  In