Samuel Buell, letter, to Samson Occom, 1766 June 9

Author Buell, Samuel

Date9 June, 1766

ms number766359

abstractBuell writes that he has received Occom's letter from England, and expresses joy that God has been kind to Occom. He also notes that he has recently published a narrative ("A Narrative of the Lord's wonderful Work of Grace among us in this Day of the Redeemers conquest and triumph"), and relays information about the good health of Occom's family.

handwritingClear with few deletions.

paperSome creasing staining and wear; evidence of repair work along creases.

noteworthyTrailer beginning “Bristol…” is in Occom’s hand; note — “8 to S. Occom" — added at the end of the 2nd line of the trailer, is in different handwriting/ink, likely 19th-century.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

Persistent Identifier
Rev,d and very Dear Sir,
After moſt cordial Salutation Theſe inform, I received your Favour of Febr 28 a few Days since, when I was ^at^ N-York. — I rejoice, greatly rejoice, to hear of the Kindneſs of our God toward You. — May the divine Goodneſs and Mercy ever attend you! I am almoſt impatient ^to^ hear that you are safe from Danger by the Small-pox. I suppoſe you have much Reſpect shown you; and you know for whoſe sake. — you will remem ­ber the Ship of much Sail, muſt have a due Ballaſt. — I was lately thinking, my Brother, what you had to be proud of, and could only think of this, viz that you are Indian, who was born a Pagan. — I trust your guardian God will keep you at his adorable Foot-ſtool. — I have lately publiſh’d a Narrative of the Lord’s wonderful Work of Grace among us, in this Day of the Redeemer’s conqueſt and Triumph: And would send you one; but some Gentleman in N-York, I am inform’d, has bought some to send to England so that you will doublleſs have or see one. — We still enjoy Tokens of the Lord’s gracious Preſence with us here: And have abundant Confirmation of a moſt glorious Work of his sovereign Grace among us. You and all Friends will pray for us, and help us Praiſe. — — Your Wives Mother was at my Houſe laſt Week — informs that she lately heard from your Wife and Family, and that they were all in Health. — Frirends in general are [illegible]well — Pleaſe to remem ber me, with proper Salutations to Rev,d Brother Whitaker, and and all Friends that inquire after me. — my Spouſe sends You much Love. — [illegible]May the Lord Jeſus be with our Spirits! Mean while I have Time only to add,
I am my, Dr Brother, ever Yours in the Lord of Love. Samuel Buell
Pſ Let me hear from you as often as You can — and I will endeavour a Return correſpondent — Yours ut ante S. B
Mr Buells June 9: 1766 Briſtol Augt 11 receiv’d this Letter