Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to George Whitefield, 1766 May 14

Author Wheelock, Eleazar

Date14 May, 1766

ms number766314

abstractWheelock writes that Whitefield’s zeal will be rewarded with blessings, that he has sent for Indian rarities with which to gift Lord Dartmouth, and that he is waiting for Kirtland to return from the Senecas to hear of their situation.

handwritingThe body of the letter is not in Wheelock’s hand. It is formal and clear. The trailer on one verso is in Wheelock's hand.

paperLarge sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear. There is one section of rough scalloping on the left edge (one recto).


noteworthyThis is likely a copy. Another hand, likely 19th-century, has added a note after Wheelock's trailer; it is unclear, but appears to mention Kirtland.

signatureNot Wheelock's signature.

Persistent Identifier
My dear M.r Whitfield
Your incouraging, animating Letter of Feb.ry 27. came safe to Hand 4 Days ago. And the Zeal which you breath forthe therein for the accomplishment of the great Deſign in View, as well as the incouraging appearances of which you write, ſensibly Strenghten my Hope in God, that ſome great things are yet to be done in the Wilds of America, for the Glory of his great Name, And that the Bleſsings of Hundreds, & Tou­­ſands who are perishing for lack of Vision will Yet come upon You as a principle Inſtrument in the Hand of God of accomplishing this great Design. — I have Sent to a Friend in the Mohock Country to move ſome of my Pupils there to furnish an agreable Preſent of Indian Rarities to Lord Dartmouth, I ſhall forward them as ſoon as may be when they [illegible]ive. — I am now every Day expecting M.r Kirtlands Return from the Senecas. I advised him ſome Months ago, to obtain Meeting of the Cheifs of that larg Tribe, And desire of them a Categorical Anſwer whether they would receive Miſsionaries and School Maſters & how many they would employ & deſird among them. I underſtand he has been down & conſulted S.r William Johnſon on the Head who advises to perſue my Advice & Affords him all his Aſsiſtance & Influence therein. I hope he will bring a Number of Boys with him from that Tribe. — M.r Kirtland is of Opinion (& I think there is much weight in it) that all parties of Indians of this Side the Senecas & within the Confederacy, who are willing to have Miſsionaries & School Maſters, might be ſupplied, tho' their Numbers are ſmall, in order to prevent Jealouſies of a Design in the English to get away their Lands, & to let them ſee we are Zealous enough to Labour with ſmaller numbers, & with ſuch as are quite poor, & ſo without any proſpect of gain, by them, to Ourſelves, This Opinion of the Deſign of the English is at pre= -ſent the Grand Impediment in [illegible]our way. And their Prejudices in This Matter is [illegible] far from being without foundation, & I wish there were not those who are ſtill confirming it. — I inclose for you in my Pacquit to M.r Whitaker, one of M.r Allens Ans.rs to to Pilate. Which I pray you to give Yourſelf the trouble to read & let me know your thoughts upon it. — I ſhall write you as often as  I
I can — M.r Kirtlands proposal to return ^so^ ſoon prevents my ſending Abstracts of his Letters 'till he arives when I hope to do it more perfectly that I can at present,
I am, my Dear Sir, with Much Affection  yours &c. in our Common Lord. Eleazar Wheelock
PS. dear M.r Barber is delirious, despairs of Mercey, refuses to read or pray, or converſe with any. pray for him. —
Letter to M.rWhitifield May. 14 1766. —