The Chiefs at Onaquaga, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1765 December 29







Date29 December, 1765

ms number765679

abstractThe Onaquaga chiefs write to tell Wheelock of Joseph Woolley's death.

handwritingFormal handwriting is clear and legible.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in fair condition, with moderate-to-heavy creasing, staining and wear that results in a minor loss of text.


signatureThere are multiple signatures, but all are first names only. It appears that the signatures are all in the same hand that has written the letter.

noteworthyThe identities of the chiefs are uncertain, although it is possible that Isaac is Isaac Dakayenensere; that Peter is Gwedelhes Agwirondongwas, aka Good Peter; and that Thomas is Deacon Thomas.

Persistent Identifier
You What hath befell us is very difficult, you made our Hearts glad when you sent us a teacher to inſtruct our children, we were likewise glad that he determined to spend his life with us, that so our children mig^h^t learn to read, he appeared to be a very serious young Man, but he is Dead, which very much grieves our Hearts — Father, it is a very great loſs to us indeed for he was a very sober Man, a very good Teacher, he underſtood ye Book well, which but a few do, we fear their are none ^will^ equal his place — We think, Father, it was not our fault, t,was God that determi, ned it, he set ye bounds, that none could paſs Bu[gap: tear][guess: t] Joſeph is dead and what can we say more; we thin[gap: tear][guess: k] perhaps God did this to try us, he sent one amoung us, who had but a Short Time to live, to see how we Should be affected with it; when the time is come all means fail, and no help can be found —
Father, concerning what you wrote to ^us^ about building him an houſe, and fenceing a paſture; [illegible]we had not done it, but had determined to [illegible]help him about theſe things if he had lived — Father we Send our Regards to you and to the other Miniſters who aſſiſt you —
^[left]Preſent in Councill ^ {Addam {Iſaac {Peter {Thomas {Jacob {David &c Received March 30. 1766
Blank page.
Blank page.
From the Cheifs of onohoquage Jany 14 Dec.r 1765Joſeph Wooleys Death
To — The Rev,d Eleazer Wheelock Lebanon