Moses Peck, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1765 December 24

Author Peck, Moses

Date12 December, 1765

ms number765674.2

abstractPeck updates Wheelock on business matters, and notes that Whitaker and Occom have started on their trip.

handwritingHandwriting is small, somewhat scrawling and occasionally difficult to decipher. There are several uncrossed t's that have been corrected by the transcriber.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good-to-fair condition, with light staining and wear, and light-to-moderate creasing.


layoutThe first page of the letter is on two recto, not one recto; the second page is on one verso.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

Persistent Identifier
Rev.d & Very Dear Sir
Yeaſterday morning ^about ten o'clock^ the Rev. Meſsrs Whitaker & Occom Sailed, the wind very favourabel money and provisions and every thing for their Comfort. The Sum of £6.3.4 ^(Mr. Whitaker said belong to you)^ more than they wanted, I now send it to you by Mr Gara, Pleaſe to Cr my account—allsoGive me Cr for the £16 I paid Mr Whitwell for Mr Chamberlain's Note — and leave not to pray for that young man that God may open his eyes, that unbelief may for ever hide its Gilty head, eſpecially in such Company—the Lord bleſs and proſper him more and more.
This Day Recd your favour of the 10th by Mr Gara, in which you mention a Letter to Mr Whitaker, encloſed in it a duplicate to the Society in Scotland for I find onely one to Mr Whitfield, one to Mr Stevenson, one to Mr Paten
this Day Recd an accts of your Goods from, but [illegible] it very strange that theirs no price to one article wont it be Beſt for you to ask that favour of Mr Phillips.
Decr 25th put your goods into Mr Masons store— Cant yet find any [illegible] Veſsel coming to Norwich or New London
The wind still favours the [illegible: [guess: Vige]]Mr Whitaker preched Last Lords Day for Mr Foxcraft but the Ug[illegible][illegible] C would not do himſelf the honour ^so much as to ^ speek to him This preaching in Boſton hath greatly served Real, Vitel-Soled piety, which semes to be taking its leave of the earth—
Our love to Elijah. tel him we are prity weel exceping the young child, O pray for it— & if he wantes any thing, please to supply him, or let me know
Mrs Peck & my daughter [illegible] with me in Due Reſpects to your self, Mrs Wheelock, your Sons & Daughters, & the family—
Honoured Sir yours in the Lord Moses Peck
Mr Whitweel & his wife sends love to Mr Lothrop. & two koton shirts allso give our Love to him & to Mr Gray
yours M. P.
PS the Revd Mr Forbes wants to know how Mr Chamberlain speeded with the Boſton Board—I will inform him this Day—
I paid the frate of your good, out of the within sum viz 9[illegible] the Invoice is inclosed
[right] 6.3.4    9   5.14.4
their is Som things, to the Bag for Mrs Occom & 4 Dolars by Mr Gara
Mr Peck, Letter Dec.r 12 1765.