Eleazar Wheelock, recommendation, 1765 November 15

Author Wheelock,Eleazar

Date15 November, 1765

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abstractWheelock recommends Whitaker and the Charity School to potential donors in England, Scotland and Ireland.

handwritingHandwriting is largely clear and legible; however, letter case — particularly with regard to the letter S — is frequently difficult to discern. There are some uncrossed t's that have been corrected by the transcriber.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.


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EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

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To The People of God in England Scotland & Ireland and all all who deſire the Advancement of the Kingdom of the great Redeemer, whereever, the Bearer, the Rev.d Nathl Whitaker, ſhall, by the Providence of God, have Opportunity to make known the important Errand on which he comes, I hope, Sufficiently recommended to Charitable Notice, and Reſpect. Gentlemen and Chriſtian Friends.
It is well known that there are yet remaining vaſt Numbers of aboriginal Natives in this Land; whose Manner of living is Savage almoſt to a level with the bruital Crea‐‐tion; but feirce and terrible in War. Their Dwellings are emi‐ ‐nently Habitations of Cruelty — they have continued, from Age to Age, in the groſseſt Paganizim and Idolatry — Strangers to all the Emoluments of Science — but Subtle and ſkillfull in all the Arts of Cruelty & Deceit — and on every Conſideration their State is, perhaps, the moſt wretched and piteous of all the humane Race — They have, from the firſt planting of these Colonies, been a Scourge and Terror to their Engliſh Neighbours — often ravaging and laying waſt their Fronteirs — butchering, torturing, and captiveting their Sons — daſhing their Children againſt the Stones — Skillfully deviſing, and proudly glorying in, all poſsible methods of Torture and Cruelty within their Power. &c.
And the Conſideration, that their being civilized, and taught the Knowledge of the only true God and Saviour, and ſo made good Members of Society, and peacible and quiet Neighbours ( which cannot be Effected byut by introducing the Gospel among them) is of such vaſt importance to the Crown of great Britain, the Peace and Proſperity of our Land — and eſpecially to their own good and Hapineſs in Time and to Eternity; Moved me, about eleven years ago, to erect a charity School in order for the Educat‐ing the moſt promiſing of their own Sons that might be obtained, with a view to their being imployed as Miſsionaries & School — maſters among their reſpective Tribes; together with a number of
of Engliſh Youth, to be ſent forth as Companions and Aſsociates with them in the Same Buſineſs. And the good Behaviour of the Boys which I have hitherto had in this School; and their Proficiency in Learning, has been Such, by the Bleſsing of God, upon Inſtruc‐‐tion and Diſcipline, that many Gentlemen of Character & note both at Home, and abroad, have Seen fit to encourage the Deſign by Such Liberalities, as have Supported it hitherto with‐out any Fund for that Purpose.
But the neceſsary Expences for the Support of Such a number as are now imployed in the Wilderneſs at the Diſtance of three or four Hundred Miles, viz three Miſsionaries Eight School Masters, and two Interpreters, occaſionally hired to that Service, and where they can have little or no Aſsiſtance towards their Support, from the Savages among whom they live. Together with the neceſsary Supplies for the School which now conſiſts of Twenty; and others expected Soon, who are of Families of Importance in Tribes Still more remote, Are greater than can be reaſonably expected from these American Colonies, eſpecially at a Time when complaints of Debt; and want of Money are So loud, and univerſal. But conſidering that this great undertaking looks with ſuch a favourable and incouraging Aſpect, and that a wider Door, than ever is now open for the Furtherance of it, by sending Miſsionaries, and school Maſters further among Tribes where none have heretofore been; I am not only neceſsitated but incouraged that to repreſent the Caſe, and imploy my dear, & faithful Brother the Rev.d M.r Whitaker, in my Stead to beſpeak the charitable Aſsiſtance of the Friends of Zion abroad. And I am confident that numbers and all according to their Ability, who have at Heart, that which the Heart of the great Redeemer is infinitely Set upon. viz. the Inlargement of his Kingdom and the Salvation of the periſhing Souls of men, [illegible]will be ready to conſider of, and forward to aſsiſt, in this so intereſting Affair, if they believe that I am not aſking for
myſelf, but am only begging an Alms for Chriſt, and in a Caſe of no leſs neceſsity than that. (if not the very same) which he is pleaſed to repreſent, and expreſs by his being an hungred, and thirſty, and naked, and Sick, and in Priſon, and that he will even in this Life bountifully requite those who contribute Supplies for these his neceſsities, and reward and honour them at laſt with a come ye bleſsed of my Father inherit the Kingdom prepared for you.
And whatever any ſhall pleaſe to contribute for this Purposes I shall receive as ſacred to the Redeemers Cauſe, and ſhall improve it to the aforſd uses according to my beſt Ability, and by the beſt Advices and I hope that all Friends, and Benefactors to this Deſign, will have Occaſion for the moſt eaſie and comfor‐‐table Reflections, that their Charities were beſtowed in the beſt manner for the Glory of God and the Good of men, for which Purpose I beſpeak the Prayers of all who truly deſire the Proſperity of Zion.
and am  Theirs moſt heartily in our Common Lord Eleazar Wheelock
^Dated at^ Lebanon in Connecticut November15th 1765
General Memorial Recomending M.r Whi‐‐taker & his Deſign