Joseph Woolley, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1765 September 30

Author Wolley, Joseph

Date30 September, 1765

ms number765530.4

abstractWoolley writes of his progress with his mission, and of his intentions to go to the Tuscarora tribe to teach.

handwritingHandwriting is clear and legible, with some deletions and additions. There are several uncrossed t’s that the transcriber has corrected.

paperSingle sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good-to-fair condition, with moderate-to-heavy wear. A tear around the remants of the seal results in a minor loss of text. Large portions of the wax seal remain.

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Rev.d S.r
In my last I remember that I told you, I believ'd I shoud return to you this Fall. But con­­ſidering all Things, I cannot come without doing that which is very Wrong. The Tuskaroras down below want very much to have their Children taught, and I be­­lieve shall go tomorry there to ſee if I can do any good among them, shall tarry there 'till Mr Smith returs. Moſes will keep this School as long as I am abſent. Sir, I feel better in Health I I hop[illegible]e shall be [illegible]able to keep
 School this Winter.
Sir, I live pretty well, The Indians be­have kindly toward me I am not in want, as to ashe-Cakes & Corn & Beens. but after all I dont think I can live ſo throughout thise Winter. For Change of Diet I want that is fat; ſuch as Pork if can only have this I belive I shall get well. Alſo Cloſths I want, Viz. A Great Coat, Wollen Shirts, Yarn Stockings.
I have not been ſo well as to Build my Houſe But shall begin as ſoon as I can endure biger hardsihp. S.r if you should like my Work, that is what I have done, by next Spring I would be glad to know what Num-
ber of Cows I may have whether one or two.
I dont think I can come 'till 8 Months end; it may be ſooner, as Things shall turn out, & God should spare my Life & Health. I am not under Neceſsity of more Things as I know of, but what I can get here. Sir I wan[gap: tear][guess: t] to hear form you & Affairs a[gap: tear][guess: t] Home. I ask, for your Prayes for me, that I may be judicious, Steady & aſsiſted by the holy Goſt. Pray accept my Duty, to Madam, Master, Love to the whole School — I remain
you submiſsive Ser.vt Joseph Wooley
from Joſeph Woolley Septr 30th 1765
To The Rev.d M.r Eleazer Wheelock {P.r favour of Mr Revd Mr Smith Connecticut}