John Smith, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1765 September 11

AuthorSmith, John

Date11 September, 1765

ms number765511.1

abstractSmith repeats the contents of his letter of August 25, which he fears has not arrived, urging that Occom come to England without delay, and detailing the contributions already collected.

handwritingHandwriting is small yet formal and neat. There are several uncrossed t's, which have been corrected by the transcriber.

inkLight-brown ink is somewhat faded.

noteworthyThe contents of this letter are similar to those of manuscript 765475.1.

layoutThe first page of the letter is on two recto, not one recto. The second page is on two verso, and the address is on one recto.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

Persistent Identifier
Rev.d & Dear Sir
I wrote You via [illegible: Piscalqua] & least it should not get safe repeat, as well as I remember.
Mr Whitefield tells me Mr Erskin has got in his hands six hundred pounds for ye Indian affairs.
D.r Guifford has for you £117. he says You desired him to keep for your Order — On my telling him Your Estate stood bond for payment of ye Miſsionaries He said with Emotion "The dear man shant pay one farthing And talking of Mr Occum I said he would get a bushel of mony, he replyd ay that he will & more.
As I remember I went on to mention That D.r Conder in::formd Mr DeBerdt M.r Savage & others That ye Episcopal Miſsionaries had sent over an Indian to supplant Mr Occum & That he was ordained at Bristol. But that he could not talk English. I then desired & now enforce it; That Mr Occum may instantly come away; If he is obliged to swim over the Ocean; & not stay one minute longer than inoculation requires  Let him
Let him come with, or without, recommendations; even Sr W.m Johnsons, Or any others, with or without mony indifferently, Pray dont let him stay one minute after he's well of ye small pox. I do very believe, from ye Say of all, as well as from the spirit of the Nation, That he will get as much mony as your highes wishes reach to. M.r Whitaker should come with him: & he must not stay to put on his wigg but come in his nightcap — All thats wanted is to have Mr Occum here — He is expected & waited for by very many. I know even an influential Noblemane, that expects him; & has asked me after him. But I Think I've said enough — Pray acquaint M.r Whitaker that his [illegible: [guess: wounding]] Letter, received yesterday, talks of my getting him Correspondents; And that my answer is Nay verily But let him come himself & get them.
Mr Occum on coming should shutt himself up in a Coach & come directly to M.r Whitefield in LondonMr Whitefield proposed his coming; has declared upon it; & thinks he shall receive a Credit from it; & (notwithstanding anything said in Boston to the contrary) will open the widest Door for him; & will shutt no Other  amonng Diſsenters or Others
Rev.d Sir Please in your prayers constantly to remember  y.r obliged humble Servant John Smith.
Mr John Smith's Letter from London Septr 11th 1765
To The Rev.d Mr Wheelock. Under M.r Pecks care.
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