Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to William Livingston, 1765 February 19

Author Wheelock, Eleazar

Date19 February, 1765

ms number765169.2

abstractWheelock writes that Occom has had to return home from his mission, that the petition for incorporation has been postponed, and that the king would like the school to be moved to the Illinois River and put under Episcopal management.

handwritingInformal handwriting is small and crowded, with several additions and deletions. There are some uncrossed t’s that have been corrected by transcriber

paperSingle sheet is in good condition, with light-to-moderate creasing, staining and wear.


noteworthyThis document appears to be a draft.

EventsOccom’s First Mission to the Oneidas, Mason Land Case

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My dear Sir.
I Suppose M.r Brainerd inform'd You of the Sad con[illegible]ſequen[illegible]tſ of M.r Occom's returning as he did from New York after he Sat out on his Tour for the Indian Country — My Prayer for an Incorporation was Suſpended 'till M[illegible][guess: y]ay next by our Gen.l Aſsembly on Acco.t of the Reports, & Jealouſies of his being active in the old Maſon Case, as it is Calld, which is of late revived, in which M.r Occoms Tribe are Plaintiff againſt the Government. and I fear the Biaſs on the minds of people is Such that there is little proſpect of my Succeſs in a further Application.
I have had nothing from Gen.l Lyman Since I wrote you. but underſtand he has made his Pitch on the Illi[illegible]nois River. And conclude from the Nature of the Case as well as from Hints in the public News that it would be agreable to his Majesty and all about him to have this School carried thither with the General ([illegible]if a Grant there Should be made him) provided they could have reaſonable Aſsuranc[gap: worn_edge][guess: e] that Episcop[illegible][guess: ac]y would be encouraged & promoted by it. —
Several Gentlemen have Aſsured me that large ^Donations^ and as large as I pleaſed would be made by the Society you ^mention^ Speak of ^in yours of Augt 29.^ if I would only Submitt the School to their Conduct. But M.r DeBerdt & others think there is no Hope of Favour being Shewn by them ^from that Quarter^ tofor a Diſcenter from that Eſtabliſhment
If You and a Number of Gentlemen of Character and Influence Should write the General or other Suitable Gentlemen ^at Home^ in Favour of the Deſign it might be of Special Service
[left]Letter to W.m Livingſton Eſq.r Feby 19. 1765.
Service to [illegible]itThe Deſign
I have been adviſed by Some to aſk the Favour of an Eſtabliſhment from ^Incorporation in^ Your Government^Province^ and to fix the School in Some place within the Same conviently Situate for the Purpose —
My own Pariſh & the friſt Society in Hebron are Now Subſcribing towards a Building &c for it provided ^to invite^ its be‐ ‐ing Settledm.t among them, & many Appear very Zealous for it. when they have done You will likely know what Sums they offer for it. —
I Sent a Prayer to Your Board of Corriſpondents that they Some weeks ago, that they would unite their Endeavours with ours in these parts in promoting the General Deſign, and in order thereto that they would Send the Rev. John Brain‐ ‐erd to Europe this Spring with an Indian from this ſchool to Sollicit the Charities of Good people towards the Support of thise School & Miſsionaries, but have heard nothing of it ſince. I directed it to Wm Peartree Smith Esqr ^of [illegible][guess: Eliza] town^. If it has not reachd them I Should be glad to know it as Soon as poſsible, for it will Soon be too late to Accompliſh what will be neceſsary preparatory to their going ^So Seaſonably as on many accots will [illegible][guess: be beſt]^. I Should have firſt [illegible]calld ^obtain[illegible][guess: d] a meeting of^ our Board together but the Snow was ^(& is Still)^ So Deep that it was not Practicable. — andor if they ^your Com̅iſs.rſ^ have had a meeting & have acted upon it I Should be glad of a Return as ſoon as poſsible by the Poſt in order to lay y.e ſame before this Board.
My Son left me 2 months ago when he Sat out on his Journey to Princeton &c and I expected to have heard from him by the Poſt next poſt after his arival but have had no News of him ſince he left New [illegible]Haven. If you can inform me any thing of him, pray be So good as to do it by the Next Poſt. & direct it to the Care of M.r Ichabod Robinſon of Lebanon.^#^
[right]^#^I have been more anxious to hear from him Since on acco.t of a late report among us ^w.c agrees to him in many Circumſtances^ that a Traveller in your Gov.t paſsd his way and periſhed in y.e Cold & could not be known from whence he was.
I aſk your Pardon for Such a Lengthy Scrawl. and am with Sincereſt Reſpect, ^my dear Sir.^ yours moſt heartily