Eleazar Wheelock, letter to the The New York/New Jersey Board of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, and William Peartree Smith, 1765 January 14

Author Wheelock, Eleazar

Date14 January, 1765

ms number765114.1

abstractWheelock writes to the The New York/New Jersey Board of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge about the missionaries and school masters he has educated at his Indian Charity school, and asks them to allow John Brainerd to solicit funds in Europe to support it. Also included is a note to William Peartree Smith asking him to respond with the Board's decision as soon as possible.

handwritingHandwriting is, exclusive of the trailer on one recto, not Wheelock’s; it is largely clear and legible.

paperLarge single sheet is in fair-to-poor condition, with moderate-to-heavy creasing, staining and wear that results in a slight loss of text.

inkInk is a faded black-brown.

noteworthyThe document is a contemporary copy, likely Wheelock's for his records. An editor, likely 19th-century, has inserted brackets in black ink around the third paragraph on one recto, and written in brackets in the left margin “o-mitted in L. y Brd.” He has bracketed the fifth paragraph on one recto, and written “omitted” in the left margin; bracketed the first paragraph on one verso and written “(omitted)" in the upper right corner; and bracketed the third paragraph in the letter at the bottom of page 2 and written “(omitted)” above it. These additions have not been transcribed.

signatureThe signature is not Wheelock's.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

Persistent Identifier
The Memorial of Eleazar Wheelock of Lebanon ^[left]in^ the Colony of Connnecticut, Humbly ſheweth — That by the Bleſsing of God upon Endeavours uſed, the Indian Charity School which he has, for ſeveral years laſt paſt [gap: faded][guess: had in] his immediate Care, is now increaſed to the Number 26. And the Proſpect both of the Increaſe of their Number, and the uſefulneſs of the undertaking, as well as the Expence of it, is yet growing. That ſeveral of this Number are young Gentlemen whom he apprehends to be well accompliſhed for a Miſsion among the Indians. And ten others of them are Indian Youth, whom he eſteems well qualified for ſchoolMaſters, excepting that ſome of them yet want age, which Difficulty he he ſuppoſes [illegible]may be well accommodated by their being under the Inſpec­tion, Direction, & Conduct of the Miſsionaries, and ſuch of the SchoolMaſters as are of ripe age and Judgment, now ready to be [gap: worn_edge][guess: authorized] & ſent with them.
And Nothing is wanting, but Means of Support for them, in order to their being ſent forth, in their ſeveral Capacities, as ſoon as the Seaſon will allow of it. And your own Thoughts will readily ſuggest the great Importance of improving the preſent Openings in Providence for that purpoſe, before our Way be embarraſsed by a Throng of unrighteous Dealers, and ſuch who with no higher View than to ſerve their unbridled Avarice, will likely be crowding into the Indian Country
Theſe are therefore to pray your honourable Board to take it into Conſideration, and grant the Concurrence of your Endeavours with ours in theſe parts, for the furtherance and ſpeedy Accompliſh­ment of the Deſign in View. And particularly, that you would grant Liberty to the Revd John Brainerd, your Miſsionary, to go to Europe, in Company with an Indian, from theſe parts, to ſolicit the Charities of ſuch as are of Ability for the ſupport of this School, and ſuch Miſsionaries and School Maſters as Divine providence ſhall enable us to ſend. And that you would commiſsionate, authorize, and ſuitably recommend him, ſaid Brainerd, for that purpoſe; and alſo recommend the Deſign itself to the Charity of God's people abroad, &c.
I had determined to obtain a Meeting of the Board of Correſ­pondents in Connecticut, & deſire them to addreſs you upon this Head, in the firſt place; and have no Doubt of their ready Compliance with the propoſal, if it could have been made to them; but after waiting ſome Time for an Opportunity to have them together for that purpoſe, I find it can't be at preſent by Reaſon of their living ſo remote, and the unuſual Body of Snow which has ſo filled the Roads, that ſuch a Meeting has hitherto been imprac­ticable, and I fear will be ſo, till it will be too late ſeaſonably to accompliſh what will be neceſsary in the Affair before the moſt  proper
[left]Memorial to the Board of Corriſpondents in New York & Jerſey. Jany. 14. 1765 wth Lettr to Peartree Smith Esqr.
proper Seaſon to embark for Europe.
And moreover I have conſidered that theſe young Gentlemen and Indian youth deſigned for Miſsionaries & School Maſters, are yet all of them, Members of this School, & not under the Direction or Controul of any Commiſioners. whereupon I was of opinion, that it might be a ſaving of Time, & as well anſwer every good purpoſe to take this Method which I have fixed upon, & firſt addreſs you, & give you the Lead in the Affair, which I hope you will eſteem ſufficient Apology for the Manner of my proceeding therein, & grant ſuch an Anſwer to my prayer, as you ſhall think will be moſt for the Glory of God, & advancement of the Intereſts of our common Lord, and make as ſpeedy Return of the ſame as may be by the poſt, in order to be laid before the Board of Correſpondents here as ſoon as they can be convened after the Receipt of your Doings
All which is with muckh Reſpect, Hond Gentlemen, humbly ſubmitted to your Conſideration and Determination by
Your moſt obedient and  moſt humble Servant Eleazar Wheelock
Dated at Lebanon in Connecticut Jany 14th 1765. Copy
I am informed that the calling your Board of Commiſsioners together is committed to you, which occaſions you the preſent Trouble. You will ſee by the prayer incloſed what is deſigned, & the Difficulty of proceeding in any other Manner at preſent.
If your Board ſhall ſee fit to return Anſwer in favr of my Requeſt, I pray you would not fail to make as ſpeedy Return to me as may be, for I would not fail to have every Thing done that is neceſsary & ſuitable to put Mr Brainerd under all Advantages poſsible to ſerve the Deſign in the propoſed Tour.
It will be beſt to direct your Letter by the poſt. to the Care of Capt Daniel Bull of Hartford, or elſe to the Care of mr Ichabod Robinſon of Lebanon
pleaſe ſir to accept ſincere Reſpects from
your unknown Friend and  very humble Servant Eleazar Wheelock