Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Solomon Williams, 1765 January 7

Author Wheelock, Eleazar

Date7 January, 1765

ms number765107.1

abstractWheelock writes to Williams urging that plans be laid for a fundraising trip to England. He also reports on the arrival of Theophilus Chamberlain, and possible plans for a mission.

handwritingHandwriting is small, crowded and informal; there are several deletions and additions.

paperSmall single sheet is in fair condition, with moderate creasing, staining and wear.


noteworthyThis document is possibly/likely a draft.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

Persistent Identifier
Rev.d & Hon.d Sir.
Yours of 5th Jny Inſtt is just come to Hand I obſerve your Doubt of the Expediency of Sending M.r Occom — If that Should be thought inexpedient here are other Indian Ladds who would make a good appearance at home &c.
Sincet I wrote you I've rec.d a Lett.r from M.r Brainerd Dated N. York 19th ult. in which referring to my Diſcourse with him about going on ſuch an Errand to England, ^he says^ "If any thing be done in that affair it muſt be done very ſoon or he cant have the time that will be neceſsary to prepare for it &c He Says also that it is the Advice of the Honle Wm Smith and Lady, and other Gentlemen of Cha­­racter there, that whether M.r Occom goes or not it will be beſt that one of the Indian Boys and if it may be a Mohock, Should goe.
M.r Chamberlain is come, who according to the Preſidents Recommendation I eſteem an Excellent youth & well turn'd for the Buſineſs. and I don't See why we may not furniſh out 3 Miſsrs & 8 or so School Maſters next Spring. and will it not be beſt ^that^ y.e Com̅iſsrs Should determine that Affair, and that as Soon as poſsible, in order that we may have as much Time as may be to make preparation & Proviſion for them?
I have been waiting this 3 weeks to have the Road feaſible to come with ^in^ a Sleigh, with You my wife to viſit you on our way to Norwich.
I am concernd leſt the Cauſe Should Suffer by our Delay. We Should at leaſt be ready to Send Home by the firſt Ships that goes. I am
Yours moſt heartily Eleaz.r Wheelock
[left]P.S. it will be beſt that their Meeting Should be at My House on acco.t of M.r Smith's Examination &c.
Revd [gap: tear][guess: Sol.] Williams
3.d Lett.r to M.r Sol.n Williams deſirg Meetg of Com̅iſs.rs Jany. 7. 1765.