Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Solomon Williams, 1764 December

Author Wheelock, Eleazar


ms number764690.1

abstractWheelock writes to Solomon Williams about plans to send John Brainerd with Occom to England to raise funds for the School.

handwritingHandwriting is informal yet relatively clear, with some additions and deletions

paperSmall single sheet is in poor condition, with two large tears at top and bottom that results in a significant loss of text.


noteworthyThe informal hand, deletions and additions, and abbreviated signature all indicate that this is likely a draft.


EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

Persistent Identifier
Revd & Hon.d Sir.
ſince I ſent you My [gap: tear][guess: Memorial]
I was chaind to my Study or I ſhould have viſited you yesterday to diſcourſe with you on the affair of Sending M.r John Brainerd with M.r Occom to England next ſpring to beg for this School, & the Support of Miſsionaries. And I quere whether a Junction of the New­ York & Jerſie Board of Corriſpondents with ours in that affair will not be prudent & Expedient and if So. Whether an application of our Board to Theirs for Liberty to Send M.r Brainerd & for their Concurrence with us? be not our first Step? There will be ſeveral other Things to be conſidered relative to M.r Titus Smith & Others proposed to be Miſsionaries DV. next Spring, which will likely hold us Several Days. If you think [gap: tear]'s. with me of the E[gap: tear] I want propose to yo[gap: tear] the 2.d Tueſday [gap: tear] the beg [gap: tear] Morc[gap: tear] Day & [gap: tear] [gap: tear] to [gap: tear] [gap: tear]-t [gap: tear]
with this [gap: tear]uld ſend 50. if I were able to ſupport the [gap: tear] ones who accompanied these Boys hither, [gap: tear] number of Indian Boys, as he came along ran [gap: tear] to him & pled with him to bring them also along with him to this School.
I expect a Number more before Spring among whom the Gen.l says he expects to be able to ſend the grandſon of the Chief Sachem of the Six Nations, who is an ono­daga & ſays that his coming will open a fine Door for Nations yet further back.
pleaſe to let me know your Determination in the affair and you will oblige Rev.d & Hond ſir
Your unworthy Brother  and Fellow ſerv.t Eleaz.r Wheelock