John Smith and Moses Peck, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1764 December 22

Author Smith, John

Author Peck, Moses

Date22 December, 1764

ms number764672

abstractSmith and Peck write regarding the prospective trip to Great Britain.

handwritingFormal handwriting is small and occasionally difficult to decipher.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.

inkBrown ink is faded.

noteworthyAlthough it is not entirely certain to whom the writers refer when they mention "your Son," it is likely Rodulphus Wheelock. It is uncertain what the writers mean by "9.r," and so it has been left unmodified in the modernized transcription; however, it is possibly an abbreviation for September.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

Persistent Identifier
Rev.d & Dear Sir
Since I wrote by your Son, have no Letters from London & youl please to be sure of hearing as soon as I do.
Y.r Letters to M.r Peck & me give us singular satisfaction in relation to M.r Kirtland, Woolley & Sir Williams Letters—There seems to be a desire among the Indians of ye numerous Tribes of flocking into Christ visible kingdom as a Cloud & as Doves to their windows—
In ye mean time M.r Peck & I are afraid of formal Episcopal Concessions; for which reason, & because so visible a preference of ye Boston Society to Yours; Is given in the Letter to Governour Bernard: We take no copy of that, nor do we think best to expose it to view. as to ye other  Letters
Letters; Copys of them are in hand & will be sent to M.r Little & M.r Sherbourne, To friends in England, & will also be read to Benefactors here.
As to sending M.r Brainard to England with M.r Occum : might it not be best to consult M.r Whitefield on it. least it should seem as if he were substituted in his room——a Letter to Mr Whitefield may be forwarded to S Carolina if here in 10 days or a fortnight—He writes me of 9.r ye 17– that he may be back from Georgia & at Charlestown perhaps all January — He intends here in y.e Spring— He says new Light is prevalent in North Carolina.
Your most humble Ser John Smith Moſes Peck
To The Revd M.r Elea.r Wheelock At Lebanon M.r John Smith's Letter Dec.r 22. 1764
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