Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to John Erskine 1764 September 9

Author Wheelock, Eleazar

Date9 September, 1764

ms number764529

abstractWheelock writes that Occom was unable to join General Johnson on his way to visit remote tribes, and details George Whitefield's activities during his visit to America, including his plan to take Occom to England to raise funds for the school. Wheelock also discusses the supplies needed for schools among the Indians.

handwritingHandwriting is relatively clear, with some additions and deletions.

paperSingle sheet of paper is in good condition, with light creasing, yellowing and wear.


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Rev.d & Hon.d Sir.
Our deſign to Send M.r Occom to meet Gen.l Johnſon, and Parties of Indians with him from remote Tribes, was prevented by the Generals returning Sooner then we expected, and before we could have M.r Occom prepared to ſet out
M.r Whitefields low State of Health has forbid his preach­­ing very frequently in America, though his preaching is as acceptable as ever. He has Spent moſt of his Time at Boſton and New York. and his own neceſsities (apprehending he he Shall Soon be incapable of public Service) and the Neceſsities of his orphan Houſe (which have far exceeded his Expectation) have engroſs'd the moſt he has had oppor­­tunity to collect in America. I think I inform'd you of a Collection he obtained in the presbyterian Congregation in New York laſt Winter of £120. that Currancy, for the Support of this School. And (beſides a Smaller Donation or two) I am this week informed, he has tranſmitted a Hundred Dollrs for the Same Purpose. He writes of the 5.th ſept that the Plan of taking M.r Occom and another to England with him next Spring; in Order to Obtain Collections ^Contributions^ for this School, and the Support of Miſsionaries, is Still upon his mind.
He labors under the diſcouraging Apprehenſion that the Pagans of America, are Canaanites, to be cut off before Gods people, and Never to be gathered into his Family. However I hope in God, he will yet have the Pleaſure of Seeing himſelf Miſtaken.
I hope you have before now received our Letter of Thanks to the Honle Society (The Duplicate of which I herewith transſmitt) and also mine to you and M.r Dickſon. ^[right]I^
I thankfully acknowledge the Receipt of the Duplicate of the Society's Commiſsion.
If the Honle Society Should Send Supplies for the Support of Several Misſsionaries & School Maſters next Spring, or Should we be Supplyed from another Quarter, a number of Spelling Books, Catechisms, Prayers for Children, Testaments Bibles, Copies &c enough to Supply Several Schools among the Indians will be neceſsary. Which I have also taken Liberty to mention to the Societies for Propagating Christian Knowledge among the Poor. —
pleaſe to remember in your neareſt approaches to God
Your unworthy Brother, and Fellow ſervant in the Lords House Eleazar Wheelock
Lett.r to Rev Jn.o Erſkine Sept.r 30. 1764.