Robert Clelland, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1763 December8

Author Clelland, Robert

Date8 December, 1763

ms number763658

abstractClelland opines that the Connecticut government will look bad by not supporting the school. He writes that Ashpo is still in debt, and that Occom is looking to lease a farm in Mohegan.

handwritingFormal handwriting is tidy and mostly clear and legible. Letter case is occasionally difficult to discern.

paperSingle large sheet is in good-to-fair condition, with light-to-moderate creasing, staining and wear.


noteworthyOn one recto, there are notes regarding debts owed for various expenditures.

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Revd & Dear Sir
I long to see ^you^, my heart is often with you, I hope your faith & Courage conteanues, I pray it may to the last. The providence of the almighty is past our Search, who can by their most narrow Scrutiny find him and his ways out; when you obtain'd the Brief I thought God had spared your valuable life to see in a great measure the fruit of your undefatigable labour, But contrary to the expectations of many, this affair has on — many accotts done you much hurt,:. This Goverment in which yr School Subsists, and is open to the view and inquiry of every one that will visitt you, has cast a bad example to — Neighbouring Go^vo^rments, Tell it not in Gath &c That Conneticute who has been Bleſsed with wiſe Judicuious Rulers & is so at this day, should in general make amock & redicule at parting with alittle of their worldly Substance to spread the Gospell — among the Heathen. and counteract their prayers, The excuſe made in their defence will mitigate agst them, ^)as^ not relevant I am Glad to hear yr faith staggers not, God ^)+^ be with you
Sarah Wyacks wants me to keep her child Mally some time; till she be old enough for you to take, I have — little houſe-room and but 3 beds, and has a Son & white girle that uſes / with my wife and I / all of them, I with diffeculty win: :tered a Daughr 2 years agoe, but can't I believe doe it now
There is near 50ſ I pd and past my word for to forward Aſpow on his miſsion at yr request, mr prince calls on me for money, as he paid the Labourers in goods at my desire and writen order, if you could send it, you would oblidge me, Aſpow is not come home from hunting, & should he bring any — skins, he owes more than he will soon pay, I wish he were out of Debt — mr Occum was here last week upon leaſing a farm in Mohegan, he told me they did nothing and that he was affraid they would have a Difference with yr ^[left]their^ overſeers, I adviſed him to peace, ߞ my wife joins me in my best wishes to Madam [illegible] & [illegible] & Self and pleaſant Children, may the Bleſsing of him ^that^ dwelt in the Bush while it burnt & was not consumed rest on you & yr offspring I am
Revd & Dr Sir yours without reserve Robert Clelland
Dr for Samll Aſpow to persons following for work done [illegible] To Samll Uncas 9/ To Joseph Shand [illegible] 18/-£1..7..— To John Uncas 3/ & moſes Moſes Mazeen 7 — —..10..— To Robert Aſpow 3/6 ————— — — — ..3 6 To [illegible][guess: 17 1/2] pound Pork to victual them @ 6- — — — 8.. 9 To freeing his cow from pound when gone ————— — — 8 __________ 2: 9..11 ^[left]Robert Clelland^ ^[left]Dec.r 1763.^