Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Dennys DeBerdt, 1763 March 5

Author Wheelock, Eleazar

Date5 March, 1763

ms number763205.1

abstractWheelock writes to request that DeBerdt show his proposal regarding a tract of land to various gentlemen in England. He also mentions the need for books, globes, and maps; and that Smith, Occom, and Ashpo are all on missions.

handwritingHandwriting is informal and somewhat messy; there are several deletions and additions.

paperSingle small sheet is good condition, with light creasing, staining, and wear.

inkBrown ink is overwritten in spots with bolder black-brown ink.

noteworthyGiven the informality of the hand and the numerous additions and deletions, it appears that this is a draft.

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My Dear Sir
Since my last to you My School has appeard with a more Encouraging aſpect than ever there have.g been for Some Time evident markes of a Spirit of Conviction in the most of the my ^Scholars^ and in ſeveral Inſtances, much Reaſon to think ^yr has been^ a Saving Change has been wrought. The Instance which I menti­­oned in my laſt of the young Mohawk appears more & more evident. and Joseph Woolley gives me Reaſon to think that the [illegible] ^very lately he has [illegible]^ [illegible] ^a ſaving change indeed paſsed from Death to life.^ My Pleasure in them and in doing for them is indeed very great. Such a School I never before Saw. —
The inclosed proposal pleaſe to ^I deſire you would^ Shew to Doctr Giffords, M.r Savage and M.r Whitefield if he be yet in England and make what use and Improvement of it you ^ſhall^ think proper. I greatly long to have it accompliſh­­ed. are there more near his Majesty who would favour & Promote it? there are ſo many ^& ſo weighty^ arguments in fav.r of it, that it cant be but they would obtain his Majesties Counten­nance if they were but Justly repreſented to him
M.rSmith of Boston gave me a hint yt among other acts ^Expreſsions^ of Kindneſs towards this School there was Some talk of Collecting a Library for it, which would indeed be very acceptable. as it is ^very^ much wanted. and if God ^who has y.e [illegible] of [illegible]in his [illegible][guess: Han^d^]^ Should put it into the Hearts of his people ^any^ to accompliſh it I hope Some generous Soul will ^also^ think also of the Neceſsity we are in of a pair of Globes and a Set of good Mapps.
and as you are Senſible the weight of Charge upon me, for the Support of this Deſign is not ^[below] Diminiſhing ^
Diminiſhing but increaſing So I truſt you will not be wanting to promote & encourage Such aſsiſtance for me as Shall be needful and within your Power.
I hope by the Bleſsing of God on the Labours of Meſsrs Smith, Occom, and Aſhpo I may ^ſhall^ have the [illegible]Pleaſure to inform yu of that which ſhall be comfortable and [guess: Shew] ^refreſhing & which ſhall juſtify^ you & all those whose by whose Charity & Labours of Love this Deſign has been ſupported hitherto, that they have not been in vain ^what you have done has not been in vain.^
I am indeed eager to ſupply the [illegible] ſavages ^world^ with Godly Miſsrs and the more So
Dear Sir. of what vaſt importance is it that a Sett of godly, Skillful, Faithf.ll Miſsrs ^Men^ Should have the Lead in the great affair? Oh! let us pray inceſsantly that the Lord of the Harveſt would ſend Such Labourersinto his Harveſt, and ^mercifully^ prevent all the miſcheifs ^which are^ to be feared from blind, carnal ſelf ſeeking men.
Dear ſir pray for  yours in the Deareſt Bonds Eleazar Wheelock
Letter to M.r DeBerdt March 5. 1763. with a proposal for a Tract of Lands, &c