Robert Clelland, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1763 February 17

AuthorClelland, Robert

Date17 February, 1763

ms number763167

abstractClelland writes an informal letter discussing the poor state of local Indian affairs.

handwritingStylized handwriting is largely clear and legible, though letter case is occasionally difficult to discern.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good-to-fair condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear.


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I reced yours by freind Aſpow, & by him has sent a smal Loaf of sugar for yr consort; It pleaſes me well, theſe 2 sermons were acceptable, if you think any of your intimates would be desirous of a reading of them, let them have them, for that purpoſe
what can be done for this tribe that has not been done: I dont know; I never knew any number of peo‐:ple trample under foot so many mercies, they willfully frustrate all the good intentions of their best & sincere=:est friends, their freedom & Liberty to the extent they are Tolerated in; has been their ruin and will still be it our S – m is never sober when he can get Liquor enough to make him otherways, The [illegible] Gardners keeps the cup frequently to his head, and often fidling and dancing, it is a merry house for frolicking
I calld at the office for yr Letter the young man told some person got it, he said mr Graves, so conclud= :ed it was sent you, shall inquire further very soon I pray yr precious life may be conteanued pray forget not poor unworthey I my dear wife & I joins in our sincere regards to Madam & Self yr unworthy friend
Robert Clelland
sdſ when you think proper to have aſpow on examination let me know and I will notify our Neigh::bouring minrſ, I desire you meet at my dwellings, it is a pleasure to me to entertain the ambaſsadors of peace — turn over
our Neighbours the Gardner famelys talk great things, that mr Occum is to be over with his famely this spring and drive mr Jewett & I from Mohegan were I a young man, I would goe up and keep school amongs some of the tribes above & serve as a Catachist & instructor that way
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To The Revd Mr Eliazer Wheelock one of the ministers of the – Gospell off Lebanon