Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Dennys DeBerdt, 1761 November 16

Author Wheelock, Eleazar

Date16 November, 1761

ms number761616

abstractWheelock reports on the progress of the school and various missions.

handwritingInformal handwriting is small, crowded and occasionally difficult to decipher.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good-to-fair condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear. The central crease has been reinforced.


noteworthyAs noted on two verso, this document is a copy. The contents are similar to those of manuscript 761625.1.

EventsOccom’s First Mission to the Oneidas

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My dear Sir.
By a Letter from Miſs. Smith of Boſton laſt week I'm Inform'd that M.r Whitefield has de­ ­posited in your Hands £25 Sterling the generous Bequſt of M.r Hardy to this Indian School (the Lord return a Thouſand fold in better Good into that generous Booſom) pleaſe to pay the Money to M.r John Smith of Boſton or his order, perhaps he is yet in London. I have received part and ſhall as ſoon as She has opportunity to tranſmit, y.e whole from his Lady in Boſton.
one of the Mohawke Lads, of whom I imformd you in my laſt, when I returnd from Boſton, about Six weeks ago, was in a declining State of Health, and Doctr Huntington an able Physician adviſed me that his Blood was So Spoiled &c that it was not Likely he would continue long in the world, and that it was beſt to Send him ſoon while he was able to ride accordingly I ſent him away Octr 13.th accompanied by Negyes another Mohawke Lad, and School Mate, to the Mohawke Country. And on y.e 3.d [illegible] Inſt.t I Sent young Kirtland with the Other Mohawke youth., in order, when these two have made their viſit to their Friend to accompany them. and 4 or 5 more of the Six Nations, if general Johnſon, agreable to his Expectations has found Such as are likely and will­ ­ing to come; I have heard nothing from them ſince they went away. I expect ^they will^ return, Some time next month.
M.r Brainerd Sent me two Girls but one of them before ſhe had got on Board the veſsel was taken ill and returnd Home, I ſhall expect her when ſhe ſhall be able to come, as ſhe & her Parents are deſirous of it. The other arived here the beginning of laſt month ſhe is about 13. years old, and is an amiable little, black Savage Chriſtian, and I think loves chriſt much The Fruit of dear M.r Brainerds Labour & Pains among them.
If I had it by me I would ſend you a Speciman of The writing of the Indian Girl who came to me laſt ſpring and then byut juſt knew her Litters. I intend to ſend you ſoon.
By a Letter from M.r Eiſha Gunn who lives with the Indians at Onohoquagke. I am lately informd that there is a general Reformation among the Indians as to their Drinking, that there is a general religious concern among them in those parts, and that a Number appear hearty in Religion. but what
will the poor Creatures do, they have no Bible nor any Spiritual Guide Among them. I hope a Stop will now be put to our traders carrying Rhum among them. Sam.l Aſhpo An Indian which I baptized ſome years ago, and received him into this Ch-h. of whom I think Errors ^which^ he had run into; And Talks like an underſtanding experienced & judicious chriſtian, and by whose Endeavors in his late Rambles in those parts The Retigious concern a­ ­mong the Indians was much increaſed. informs me that they were as wild as ever they were at Corinth, or Galatia, and need a faithful & ſkillful Guide as much.
perhaps the Hon.le Com̅iſsrs at Boston will think it expedient to ſend him at preſent among them You cant dear Sir conceive the Difficulty y.t attends this affair. Their Temper and Manner of living is Savage almoſt as ye [illegible]al Creatures. they are Jealous forever ag.t ye Engliſh have a Deſign againſt them & will take the Opportunity to requite the wrongs they have received — and the Dutch ^Dutch^ Traders ^especially^ dont a little increaſe their ill opinion of us. There are No Interpreters who are they have as many Languages as illegible ^they^ have Tribes and there are few or none capable & faithful enough to be truſted as Interpreters. and it cant be accompl­ ­ſhed without great Expence. &c I long to have my Boys fit to go forth amonth them.
David my Indian Schollar who accompanied M.r Occom in his Miſsion to the Oneida Indians laſt ſummer re­ turnd y.e Latter End of ſeptemb.r he ſays theyr liveg ^is^ exceeding poor have ſcarſe any thing but what they got by Hunting y.t M.r Occom was rec.d and treated with great Reſpect by Gen.l Johnſon. and yt the Indians were as kind to him as they could be, and Seemd to be affected with his preaching. and have ſent [illegible][guess: one] down to N. York deſiring y.t he may be ſent to them next ſpring. where D.V. he deſigns to return & Spend ye next Summer with them.
Our Measſures for an Incorporation are yet Embarraſsd and yet my School flouriſhes and gains credit, eſpecially among the more Judicious & underſtanding part of mankind. and who knows what methods God intends to take to accompliſh the Deſign. I have lately Nominated a Number of worthy Gentlemen of Civil & Sacred Characters and Expect the Scottiſh Com̅iſsrs in Boston will recommend them to ye Hon le Society for Such Comm̅iſs.n as they can give to help us in this Affair. We had a Diſtreſsing Drought Laſt Summer but a very growing Autumn. Proviſions are very Deer yet among us.
pleaſe to accept moſt ſincere Reſpect ^(& I do love you heartily)^ from my illegible ^Hond^ and very dear ſir  Yours moſt heartily Sincerely Eleazr Wheelock
P.S. The Schoolmaſter Complains of the want of a Bell that [illegible][guess: Cou'd] may be well heard about a mile ^these Boys thro' long uſe are adicted and inclined to ramble [illegible][guess: abt]^ & Their Health of the Boys Requires that they be ^indulged in it in play time^ Suffered to ramble about more than Engliſh Children ^incline to^ in play Time, and it is often Difficult to get them together at ye proper Hours without ſuch a publick Signal. & I apprehend y.e advantage of it in one year would ^likely^ be Equal to the Expence of one ^for^ It would likely make us more regular in all our [illegible] Exercises &c
Copy of Letter to M.r DeBerdt 1761. Nov.r Bell.