Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Andrew Oliver, 1761 July 10

Author Wheelock, Eleazar

Date10 July, 1761

ms number761410

abstractWheelock writes that he has had a letter from Samson Occom stating that funds have been raised by various Baptist groups to clear Occom's debts.

handwritingHandwriting is slanting and somewhat informal, yet largely clear and legible.

paperSingle large sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear. There appear to be remnants of previous reinforcement work on one verso.


noteworthyThe Occom letter to which Wheelock refers is manuscript 761374. It is uncertain to which organization Wheelock refers when he mentions the "Honourable Commissioners" in his closing. It is either the Boston Board of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, which provided the £20 to support Samson Occom and David Fowler on their mission; or the Company for Propagation of the Gospel in New England and the parts adjacent in America, of which Oliver was an officer. This document appears to be a copy or draft.

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Hon.d Sir.
I am much affected with the bad ſtate of Health which M.r Thompson is fallen into, and the failing of his Miſsion by that means. He is doubt­ =leſs deſerving, to the full, as good a Character, as ever you have had of him.
I yesterday received a Letter from M.r Occom, Dated new York June 24: 1761. in which he informs me, that a Collection was made for him, the Sabath preceeding of £60:15:7. at M.r Boſtwick's Meeting House. And the Day following, another at the Baptiſt Meeting Houſe, of £13. that, he was treated with much kindneſs, and Reſpect, eſpecially by Miniſters of all denominations, and that his Recommendations to Gen.l Amherſt, Sir William Johnſon, and other Gentlemen to the furthermoſt of the Engliſh Settlements were ſign'd by the Honle Willm Smith Esq.r, Rev.d David Boſtwick, M.r P.V.B. Levingſton, M.r Vanhorn, & Will.m Levingſton Esqr that he had delivered to M.r Wm Hedges of Eaſt Hampton (who was his principle & almost only Creditr) for the Support of his Family, £53:7:10. The Collections which I had in my Hands for him paid all his Debts (except what were made to fit him out for his Journey) to leſs than £15. including the £20 which the Hon.le Com̅iſsrs grant­­ed conditionally ^and also what M.r Hedges had in his hands.^ So that I ſuppose there is no doubt but that with that £20. he is now clear of Debt, and ſufficient for his Family's use this ſummer beſides.
David Fowler was with M.r Occom, both well, and in good ſpirits, but I fear the Ruffle which they are of late in, among the Oneidas, will very much Obſtruct the Buſi­­neſs which David is gone upon.—
Pleaſe to accept Duty to Yourſelf and the reſt of the Hon.le Commiſsioners from Sir.
Your Honrs Most humble and Obed.t Serv.t Eleazar Wheelock
P.S. D.r Betts of Norwalk writes me yt M.r Occom, Antecedent to y.e Collection above mentioned preached to a very numerous Aſsembly in New York
Lett.r to A Oliver Esq.r July. 10. 1761. M.r Occom's Debts paid