Temperance Hannabal, narrative, 1754 February 7

Author Hannabal, Temperance

Date7 February, 1754

ms number754157

abstractTemperance Hannabal narrates the story of her religious awakening to Occom.

handwritingNarrative is written in Occom’s hand, which is clear and legible. As is common with Occom's hand, there are some uncrossed t’s; these have been corrected by the transcriber.

paperSmall sheet folded in half like a book is in poor condition, with heavy fading, staining and wear that results in some loss of text.

inkDark-brown ink is worn away in places.

noteworthyAn editor, likely 19th-century, has overwritten Occom's hand on one recto. The assigned year of the manuscript is based on this edit. On two verso, a note has been added in the same hand. The note, which has not been transcribed, reads: “(If common year, 1 Day y Jan. was Thursd. / 1761, 1767, 1778-1 / If leap year.”

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I have been the moſt [illegible][gap: faded] wretch yt ever liv'd, yea [gap: faded] there was nothing in all the Nois of Religion, and I thought and Said that the Chriſtians Lied; I thought it was ^beſt^ for me to gratify my own Inclinations — Till the Laſt fall, I was Sick for Some Time, and in my Sick­neſs, I began to Query, what w[gap: faded][guess: oud] become of my Soul, if I Shoud Die in this State and Condition, and theſe thoughts threw me into Fright, and was Concern'd for my Soul for Some Time, but as I got well of my Sickneſs my Concern wore a way — —. till this Late Religious Stir I bethought of my Self again
and after I [gap: tear] been to few Meetings I found my Self a great Sinner, and an undone Creature before god, yea Saw my Self fit for nothing but Hell and everlaſting Diſtruc­tion. — and as I was at one meeting and as I was amuſing and Conſidering my State & Condition, it threw me into Such Horror and guil of Concien^ce^ and Confuſion of [illegible], I fell in[illegible]to a S[illegible][guess: waun], and im­mediately I found my Self into great Darkneſs, [illegible]and while I was there I heard a voice before me, Saying follow me, and I went that way, and Immedeately found my Self upon Something, I Cant Compared to nothing but to a Pole, but over Put over a Deep hole
Blank page.
Not transcribed.