Oriskany Creek

Variant name of place

Orisko Creak

Geographic position

43.1567° N, 75.3317° W


"Oriskany Creek" National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. http://www.geographic.org/geographic_names/usaname.php?uni=959482&fid=usageo_884. Accessed 11/21/14. Geo coordinates at https://www.google.com/#q=geographic+coordinates+of+oriskany+creek.

General note

Oriskany Creek is a 33 mile-long tributary of the Mohawk River in Oneida County, NY. The Oneida village of Oriskany grew up at the juncture of the Mohawk River and the Oriskany Creek, which was the beginning of an east-west trading route known as the Oneida Carry, part of an extensive trail and water-way system connecting the Atlantic to the Great Lakes. The creek provided fertile land and fish for the Oneida trading village.