Black Point

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Geographic position

41°17'48" N, 72°12'16" W


Occom's Mission to the Montauks

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General note

Black Point is one of nine beach communities encompassed in the village of Niantic, which is in the town of East Lyme Connecticut, on the south-central coast of the state on Long Island Sound. The name "Niantic" means "point of land," and Black Point is located at the tip of a peninsula of land that reaches into Niantic Bay. The area around present day Niantic was occupied by the Niantic Tribe, which because of war and disease, allied itself with the more powerful Tribes in the area, the Narragansetts and Pequots. The Dutch arrived and began trading in the early 17th century, but the English Puritans who arrived in 1630 drove them out, caused a rift in the area's Indigenous people, and wiped out most of the Niantic tribe in the Pequot War of 1636-37. Black Point was part of an important water route in southern New England used by colonists and traders. Missionaries came to the village to convert its inhabitants, an effort that intensified in the 1740s with the Great Awakening. From Long Island's eastern-most village of Montauk, boats would put in at Old Saybrook and then stop at Black Point/Niantic on their way east to New London, and north up the Thames River.