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Geographic position

51.9739° N, 0.5060° E


Fundraising Tour of Great Britain


http://www.wethersfield-essex.co.uk/. Geo coordinates at https://www.google.com/#q=geographic+coordinates+of+wethersfield%2C+england.

General note

Wethersfield is a village in Essex county in southeast England, northeast of London. Its name likely derives from a Viking invader named Wuthha or Wotha, whose "field" or clearing it was. People from Wethersfield emigrated to New England with the Pilgrims in the early 17th century, which is why there are Wethersfields in Connecticut, New York and Vermont. On one of their fundraising trips north of London, Occom and Whitaker visited churches in Essex County. Samuel Wood wrote a letter of recommendation and sent parcels containing Wheelock's "Narrative" of the Indian School to principal contacts in villages around the town of Braintree, one of these villaged being Wethersfield.