East Lambrook

Variant name of place

Lambrook; England

Geographic position

50.9852° N, 2.8088° W


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http://www.southpethertonchurch.org.uk/lambrook.html. http://webapp1.somerset.gov.uk/her/details.asp?prn=55168. http://www.eastlambrook.co.uk/pages/.

General note

East Lambrook is a village located in south Somerset, southwest England. The St. James Church in East Lambrook dates back to the twelfth century and was the central church for East, West, and Mid Lambrook. The East Lambrook manor dates back to the fifteenth century and today is renowned for plantswoman Margery Fish’s gardens. In 1766, Whitaker and Occom visited a number of Protestant dissenter congregations, including one in “Lambrook,” which is itself not a village; a reference to St. James Church indicates that the village in question is East Lambrook.