Variant name of place

Kanadausagea; Canadasaga

Geographic position

42°52′44″N 76°59′35″W


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General note

Kanandasaga (also spelled Kanaudasagea or Canadasaga) was the chief town of the Seneca Nation. Samuel Kirkland, Moor’s alumnus and missionary to the Senecas and Oneidas, lived there during his mission to the Senecas, which lasted from February 7, 1765 until May 1766. Kanadausagea was abandoned during General Sullivan’s 1779 campaign through Six Nations territory, and the settlement and its orchards were destroyed. Kirkland was the chaplain for Sullivan’s army and likely witnessed Kanadausagea’s destruction. After the war, Kanadausagea was occupied by Americans and became the modern day town of Geneva, NY.