Parish of Judea

Variant name of place

Judea in Woodbury

Geographic position

41.6533° N, 73.3183° W


General note

The Parish of Judea, also called Judea in Woodbury, belonged to the town of Woodbury in 1734 but is located in present-day eastern Washington, Connecticut. The Wyantenock tribe occupied the land when the British colonists arrived in the 18th century. Joseph Hurlbut settled the area in 1734, and the land surrounding Hurlbut’s home came to be known as the Judea Parish. In 1741, this area was added as part of the North Purchase of Woodbury. Judea was incorporated by the General Assembly in 1742. In 1779, the town of Washington, which was made up of land from Woodbury, Litchfield, Kent, and New Milford, incorporated Judea, taking it from the town of Woodbury. Judea now refers to Joseph Hurlbut's original parish on the land that became the town of Washington.