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Geographic position

41.9750° N, 72.5494° W



General note

Enfield is a town located in Connecticut on the Massachusetts border in present day Hartford County. The Dutch were the first Europeans encountered by Native Americans in the Enfield area, but soon the English colonized the land. In 1674, the General Court of Massachusetts gave land to the town of Springfield that stretched into present day Enfield. The town was officially incorporated in 1683, and in 1688, the people purchased the town from Notatuck, a Podunk Indian, for 25 pounds sterling. Within a century after the arrival of Europeans, the native inhabitants of the area had died off or migrated. In 1642, Enfield was considered a part of Massachusetts Colony, but a 1695 survey revealed this to be an error, and in 1750 Enfield officially seceded from Massachusetts and became a part of Connecticut. Enfield became a central location for the Great Awakening of the mid-18th century; Jonathan Edwards preached his now famous sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” at Enfield’s second meeting house.